The index is changing ... have you?

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    @Timothee-Atouba But why use the multiplier when there are no domestic games? Makes sense to me to only use it when there is a conflicting game?
    Likely to skew all PB averages etc maybe make players in European cups more appealing?

    this, i thought it was introduced to give premium players an advantage over some shite playing on same night, why they are using it on CL only nights i dont know ?

  • @nicky540

    To give CL and EL precedence over any other competition . Simple

    Last season you had CL semi finals and then Rennes playing Bordeaux and some Bordeaux random winning pb - happened a few times

  • So. Because it's not as easy as printing money anymore people are deciding to leave. Read it all now.

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    So. Because it's not as easy as printing money anymore people are deciding to leave. Read it all now.

    It doesnt help when traders say "The End is nigh" tbf

  • There were a lot of complaints when a bloke who plays at Nimes wins PB on the night when the Champion's League qf/sf is on. There are also a lot of complaints that PB is a complete lottery. In many cases, it's not far off, but FI have done what they can to address this with regards to European games.

    Yes, you don't necessarily need the multiplier if there's no domestic games but why make it complicated.

    European games always have a multiplier. Thank you FI for responding to a complaint (particularly when they pay less out when a Montpellier centre forward just beats Harry Kane to a PB even though it was a domestic game against Saint-Etienne). I feel complaints made above about the multiplier are just for the sake of complaining.

    @DANFI I've been one of your biggest critics at times, but tell the boys in the office thanks for this one at least. If there's another quiz, I'll buy you a drink.

  • @DavidMUFC1987 and @Neil2265 read above

  • @Pagey74 said in The index is changing ... have you?:

    So. Because it's not as easy as printing money anymore people are deciding to leave. Read it all now.

    Apparently a bookmaker making a profit is a 'scam'

  • I don't mean to be rude but to me it seems very counter productive for people to rant and rave about MB players value falling. Surely if you are seriously upset then the best thing is to leave now? Cash out and take your profits? Clearly not that i want anyone to do this, it's in everyone's interest for people to stay. Constantly repeating that MB players are now less value and that you are going to leave will encourage the sheep amongst us to sell out and therefore reduce the value of your portfolio.
    We saw this previously with everyone saying with the share split that the top players would rise. Statistically no reason why they should increase more than others but because it was said so many times people followed.
    I don't mean to state the obvious but the reason why players drop in price is because people sell them. Surely your better bet would be to pump the ass out of MB and PB players that are still value.

  • @NewUser731

    I completely understand that some folk don't want to hear any negativity about the platform.

    Do you appreciate an honest unbiased perspective, or do you want to hear that everything is rosey.

    Ignorance is bliss.

    The forum is for discussing everything football index (including the bad things).

    I have been one of the most vocal supporters and defenders of the platform over the past 2 years. Go read back my historical posts if you can be arsed.

    My views are almost always unbiased, honest and hopefully helpful to others.

    We are all free to share our opinions and views about the platform. If you want to live in a society where this is not tolerated, I suggest you book a flight to Beijing. 😉👍

  • @johnboywalker i, like anyone know there are major issues and burying your head in the sand doesn't help anyone. I've been on the forum long enough to know that you very much come up with very balanced opinions.

    My point though is this:

    What are people, hoenstly most unhappy with? Is it that the top value players are now dropping in price? This is a legitimate concern and clearly the introduction of IPDs has had an effect on this. Maybe people should have realised this earlier on and adjusted their portfolios earlier. I remember this being discussed months ago on one of the Figs podcasts. I've seen people on the forum in one breathe say they don't understand the way the market is changing and why are the top players dropping. In the next breathe they say they have sold half their portfolio, no doubt in the top players. As I said before, players drop in price because users sell them.

    People must be naive to think that the forum doesn't have an effect on market sentiment and therefore player prices. So long term what are people trying to achieve by slating FI and threatening to leave? If people want change then being more targeted in a solution and trying to get common consensus must clearly be the best option. Petulant threats to leave just gives a higher chance of a portfolio dropping.

    Long term (which is what most people say they are in it for) Do most people think the product will increase to grow? If yes, stay on the platform, potentially change your strategy, or as I mentioned before try and get people to agree on a solution and demonstrate this to FI.
    If no, and you think the product is finished, get out now - according to this theory, your shares will never be worth more.
    For me hanging around and making threats of leaving works for nobody.

  • @NewUser731

    I agree with alot of that mate and appreciate your honesty.

    I know how much power this forum can have over the actual index.

    I'm confident the powers that be also keep a watchful eye on the forum. It is a microcosm that represents the larger user base.

    As we don't really have a direct means of influencing any meaningful change on the platform, the forum is probably the only place we can discuss the good, bad and ugly, in the hope of having an impact on the future of the index.

    Although the forum very much seems like a free for all at time and the lack of moderators can cause issues, I feel it is a massive positive.

    It allows us to discuss everything here, with no constraints.

    Without the forum, I don't believe I would have been anywhere near as successful as I have been on the platform.

    If any user is considering leaving, I would prefer to know their reasons, rather than allowing them to just disappear silently.

    What you see as potentially damaging your portfolio in the short term, might actually be helping it in long term.

  • @johnboywalker i think what at times people fail to realise in the heat of the moment is the biggest threat to FI is consumer confidence. I could list a load of issues with FI that damage this. (To name a few).
    1.) IT issues.
    2.) Delay in payment of dividends.
    3.) Constant changing of goalposts. (Euro Qualifiers, MB opening up, deposit bonuses)

    I wholeheartedly agree that the forum is a good place to raise concerns - at the moment what other options do people have.

    People need to really think what they are achieving by ranting. If like most football fans it's impulsive and it is a case of letting off steam I suggest doing it somewhere else - who gains from that. If you are unhappy with something and want to discuss it constructively then great, I'm 100% for it.

  • @NewUser731

    I'm in agreement with all that! 👍👍

  • @johnboywalker fingers crossed that FI actually go through with the idea of setting up some form of customer feedback group. Level heads, realistic expectations and influence at the top of the tree could really see FI take off.

  • As it stands, if this was a week ago then Salah cruises home with MB tonight with Hazard second. Mane is third, just off screenshot.


    I don't know what to say about it really, but I just needed to acknowledge how much opening up MB has really moved the goalposts, so much more than I anticipated.

  • 7% bollocks from FI. I for one don't trust them for a moment. I'm not being a mug punter so the process of derisking has started.

  • @LittleFish said in The index is changing ... have you?:

    7% bollocks from FI. I for one don't trust them for a moment. I'm not being a mug punter so the process of derisking has started.

    @johnboywalker as if I had asked for an example.

  • @NewUser731 I've held Mo from when I joined. He's now at the same price. Why because FI have changed the rules and lied about the impact. How many squad players have one MB so far? No sorry this is not for me. Thought it was a bit Micky mouse 7 months ago with the IT of a shit under graduate. Then all this don't point out the problems on FI because you will put off new 'investors'. Nah might not be a ponzi scheme but not far off it.

  • @LittleFish You know that they lied about the impact of mb do you? Fair play for going to the trouble of collating all the historic mb scores for squad players.

  • @Timothee-Atouba lies dam lies and statistics. How many squad players have won MB since 1st Oct?

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