Who benefits most to mb opening up

  • For me its gotta be de gea as he is literally uniteds saviour. U know he will at least win mb a couple of times this season and then u know he will be 1 pound. Even if its the sky sports cast chatting breeze about him he will win mb or at least get top 3 and thats a huge yield in percentage.

  • Jan Vertonghen. If he smashes Eriksen's wife again it's all gonna go mental

  • I think it benefits those outside the top 200 that might get a transfer to other clubs... But don't forget how HUGE the likes of Rooney & Zlatan are in the eyes of the media and despite them being well outside the top 200 they'll no doubt have some dividends to come because of this!!! But Goalkeepers yes will also benefit as will those unfashionable holding midfielders like Kante who often get overlooked for not scoring big on matchdays or moving clubs which often leads to growth in value.

  • @Lukeroro I dunno how eriksen would feel about this but I could really do with willian having a dabble 😂😂😂

  • Has to be Ibrahimovic all day long
    No explanation needed.

  • Come on willian

  • Willian looks like a serious mb player... Big club, single name... Contract issues and back on form.

  • Problems not fixed Pepe , Bernardo still getting media points from other players however they don’t have many , 20 and 40 points

  • I bought Willian the week, possibly the day, it was announced that MB was opening up. Held at a loss until last week. A very welcome boost from him and Messi tonight in an otherwise rubbish week.

  • I think MB opening up will also favour Morelos, scores goals in the bucket loads, will be all over the news every old firm, he can be a bit of a hot head and has said he’d like to play in the Premier League or Spain in the future. Its also been in the news today that Aston Villa have 20 mil set aside to bring him to the club although their fans arent in full support of it due to his discipline

  • Bit fishy again here, he was on 800, I checked again, a 140 point story added and hes on 840

  • Wow he's flown to top. I bought him yesterday thinking it would be a quick flip cos people would think he will win MB... I didn't think he would! But I held as he only went up a few p... Now he got ipd and mb and was 4 mins away from pb winner!

  • @Vespasian32 From a neutral perspective I think this is robbery don’t hold Willian or Gnabary and fair play to the holders but surely he isn’t deserving Mb and this needs a serious look. Any paper is all over Gnabary today but Willian wins because his name is too complicated to write. Surely this needs changing on FI I’d agree it’s unfair for them to slap some long name on him cause then he’d be worthless but this isn’t deserved.

    Guess this is the new trend buy single name players 😂

    Hope Messi doesn’t name his next son imagine that gold mine

  • @jay correct... Salah scores two in a 4-3 thriller and is over 1000 points behind.

  • @Vespasian32 I’m a fan of Mb when there is an obvious winner like last night or best awards but I’m not such a fan with the current situation I think either every player needs just surname ( probably won’t happen as a LOT more stories could crash something) or a new / clarity on the current and deal with single names. Also I doubt when it’s close that the rightful winner always wins.

  • @jay mixed feelings. I've got on board so I'm happy but I take your point. I've missed out loads of times cos I dont hold neymar but on the flip side, we all want MB to be predictable, theres been shit loads said about that recently, and this was predictable

  • @jay if they did find a way to pick every story for each player i think we’d find Messi and Ronaldo would likely clean up most days of the week as theres always something in the news about them or linking some player to them

  • @Black-wolf Yes , but should , shouldn’t they???

    The name is media bonus and they dominate media in the actual world on every platform

    Surely this means who ever is getting the most media should win not players who fit an algorithm ( I sound a lot more angry but I’m not just slightly puzzled)

  • @jay yeah they should but we’d get a lot of complaints as people would say the stories arent actually about them as i says “the next Messi” so theres no real ironclad way to do it and satisfy everyone. The current system has its flaws and its currently a total mess but the single name issue is a difficult one to correct.

    The first thing they need to get right is their clarity on eligibility of stories or at least have stories verified before we see them so we dont buy players based on MB scores only to see them altered

  • He now has a higher score than Gnabary did yesterday and he was everywhere! This is f*cking nuts I may have to jump on at least 1 p ipd

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