Who benefits most to mb opening up

  • @jay said in Who benefits most to mb opening up:

    Another single name player who could also snatch top forward today and has ipd is Wesley.
    Could easily top Mb if he scores one more for a hatrick and looking nice in pb as well

    missed a pen for the hatty, seen instant selling in the 300s just after, crazy times !

  • @nicky540 he had a relatively low speed but I hope it’s people who made profit hopping off not just match day flips could be a good Mb player

  • From the last couple of days it looks like high profile goalkeepers. Courtois, Lloris, De Gea, Arrizabalaga must be good value for their prices.

  • @jay looks a bargain at the moment. Will return IPDs.. good young exciting player who will sure to gain attention from bigger clubs if he continues to score. Also the single name will be good for media buzz when these clubs come looking.

  • @NewUser731 - I agree. I jumped on Pickford tonight in preparation for England internationals and Euro 2020. Only 61p

  • @NewUser72082 this is a shout, not sure about those clean sheets though 🙄

  • 0_1570374691885_Screenshot_20191006-161008_Chrome.jpg

    InteInteresting to see if this gets dealt with, it's the polar opposite of the pepe or naldo problem. Adama traore of wolves, known here as adama, is clearly the subject of this story. Adama traore of Metz, known here as adama traore, has currently been credited the points in error.

    Probably wont matter today but weve got 3 treble media days coming up and adama has just put the EPL champs to the sword, it just might be an issue tomorrow

  • Is it going to be a 3rd day in a row with a keeper in the top 3 for MB...?

  • @NewUser731 keepers were always going to be the main ones as collective to benefit from MB opening up. But i honestly thought it would be later in the season as more penalty shoot outs start looming

  • Remember FI telling us they had done the research and it would have minimal impact 😂

    Say goodbye to any ‘regular media magnet’ premiums - MB has now become just as much of a lottery as PB.

  • @Chris-J yeah im not sure how accurate their claims about squad players not being able to win MB really was. Last season was dominated by the Jose/Pogba spat so maybe that would have been true last year but on regular match/media days keepers and veteran players will attract a lot of attention. The way MB is now and the way they are managing it has killed it for me. If my player wins MB great but im not chasing it or buying player specifically for it anymore

  • @Chris-J said in Who benefits most to mb opening up:

    Remember FI telling us they had done the research and it would have minimal impact 😂

    Say goodbye to any ‘regular media magnet’ premiums - MB has now become just as much of a lottery as PB.

    I said the exact same in a different thread

  • Finding it more and more bizarre by the day. Kwadewoh Asamoa has a story just about inters run coming to an end. There are hundreds of days a year that guys like sterling and kane don't clock a single story... But they are writing about asamoah in Serie A... He didn't score or get sent off... Hes not the captain... They didn't even win!

    Top 3 is all squad players so far today.

  • @Vespasian32 What worries most at the moment given I've had chance to think over the weekend is how completely open to media manipulation MB is now more than ever. All they need to do is not publish stories about the big guys to RSS feeds and they wont get scored by FI. I'm seriously beginning to think that there has been a shift in either what or how much is now getting published to RSS feeds and is this realistically a reliable method for FI to continue with for MB.

  • @Chris-J This was very clearly a blatant lie from FI, claim was 7% of wins last year were outside top 200. A week in and outside top 200 have dominated. Deception now added to the list of FI traits. All with the intention of smoothing over the fact that regular MB giants are being diluted.

  • Mb rendered worthless... Its performing the function ipds should do... Adding outside chance to every player on the index.

    PB always been a bit of a lottery... If we exclude and anomoly like neymar, messi... What's the most another player will win 35p a season? So if you want a yield even as low as 10% they've created a market ceiling of £3.50

  • @BarbayanBrawler I don't believe the 7% was a lie - but it was probably only based on a single season - one in which Pogba did dominate the media with his Mourinho bust-ups. If we had that same scenario this season Pogba would be winning every day still. The sample size of 1 season wasn't big enough was the flaw, rather than an outright lie.

  • @janner73 and also people bought players with impending stories in the masses which pushed them into the top 200 im seeing very little interest in MB now. In the past if a player was well in the lead before 2pm his price would rise. Now i dont much movement there. People are more focused on trying to find the next Neymar or Messi in PB terms of consistency.

    Why chase a 2p media dividend before 2pm when you can just buy a 1p IPD div anytime through the day

  • Looking back at the last few days, it has been a particularly quiet time for the big MB giants. Only Salah and Tammy Abraham have posted scores over the past 5 days that you would expect to challenge for MB on any given normal day.

    We may find that now over the international break we see a return to the usual scenario of England players dominating and big players sweeping up in the quieter days.

    Anyway, one week is not a big enough sample size to be drawing definitive conclusions on the future of MB. However i have no doubt the market will react as people will try to get ahead of the curve before they even know how sharp that curve will be.

    One thing I will say is, if MB does indeed continue in this vein, doesn't this represent a quite significant change to our bets by FI? The odds will have been diluted by a massive amount. Would there be any way to challenge the change they have made? It would potentially destroy confidence in the platform though if that was an option.

    Another thing - FI previously made this big claim about a 19% average dividend yield, and stood behind it as a reason why dividends were not in need of an overhaul. Well the way things are going they won't be able to say anywhere near the same figure. I wonder how they plan to justify that.

  • @Black-wolf Yep that's also true - players would get pushed into the top 200 in order to make them MB eligible now that doesn't need to happen.
    I think FI have got themselves into a bit of a mess to be honest - they needed to create short term trading and discourage people just sitting on thousands and thousands of the big boys but i think they've possibly overdone it. Having said that, the only people that pushed the prices so high were traders - most of the top players went way too high in price ahead of the share split out of pure hype.

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