Who benefits most to mb opening up

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    One thing I will say is, if MB does indeed continue in this vein, doesn't this represent a quite significant change to our bets by FI? The odds will have been diluted by a massive amount. Would there be any way to challenge the change they have made? It would potentially destroy confidence in the platform though if that was an option.

    Sooner or later somebody is probably going to challenge something. Its a great platform but they do, in my opinion, change the terms of the bet too often. I'm pretty sure if one of the big bookmakers was making changes to terms of bets they would be investigated for it. It's only gonna take a few people to start raising concerns with IBAS - and that becomes more likely when people start losing.

    It seems the majority of us on the forum are in agreement on many of the issues affecting both our portfolio and also confidence in FI.

    However, we are only raising these issues amongst ourselves - is anyone making noise on Twitter? I deleted it so I'm in the dark.

    I'd be interested to know what, if anything, FI are saying

    They only tend to communicate when traders confidence are up (usually after a DB etc) during times like these, the silence is usually deafening

  • @MickTurbo Spot on. But the truth is we’ve been buying overpriced assets for quite a while just expecting to sell the bad value on. But now it’s just so glowingly obvious.

  • @Timothee-Atouba Agree. At the end of the day it is a gambling platform and anyone who thought otherwise should now be able to see it clearly. BUT with that comes very strict regulation on changing terms of bets. I think FI have had the best of both worlds for a while - being a gambling platform but with many users seeing it as an investment platform. Now its absolutely clear what it is people will be more willing to hold them to account just like they do Bet365 etc.

  • They should be engaging with us. They've created a mess and they dont even acknowledge our concerns

  • On the podcast Mike was laughing it off "when you make a 3 year bet shit changes" but I think he then gave some examples which shot himself in the foot... Because the examples are all factors out of FI control... I. E "if you buy man utd players cos they are always in Europe and they get relegated your bet is devalues" "if you buy Bale and he retires to China..."

  • @Vespasian32 that tells me that either he is an idiot or he thinks we all are

  • @Vespasian32 Yeah that sounded completely stupid referencing variables in the same bracket as rule changes.

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    @Vespasian32 that tells me that either he is an idiot or he thinks we all are

    I think it’s probably both if I’m being honest.

  • @Vespasian32 Yeah that was clueless. A player moving team or not qualifying for Europe are accepted variables when making a 3 year bet. Changing the win mechanics consistently aren't. I'd love to see what happened if Bet365 accepted an each way bet on a horse with 4 places paid and for no reason other than they wanted to they only paid out on the first 3.

  • @janner73 Yeah that would be akin to saying "I put a bet on Rashford as first goalscorer and he didn't score first, so the terms of my bet have changed". We are betting on future values based on real-world variables, just as a traditional bet is based on actual real-world events either happening or not happening.

    What FI has done here is change the odds of the bets we have already placed.

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  • @MickTurbo smacks of arrogance too. It's our game, we do what we like.

  • I've started discussion on twitter. It's happened... The most important thing for me is more clarity on future roadmap. I've sold some pogba and neymar at considerable cost now to restructure based on new rules. I want assurance that they aren't going to turn around in 2 months and say "it didn't go as planned mb is back to just top 200"

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