Moussa Dembele at Lyon - Opinions?

  • Bought this lad whilst at Celtic at 55p, currently 209p so sat on decent profit, had him in the sell queue for a couple of days then changed my mind today (luckily hadn't reached front). Scores approx 1 in 2 & has a decent French U21 record too but not a great game to suit the PB matrix, constant Man Utd links (but who hasn't?) & they clearly need a striker but should that transfer not play out I don't see much more capital appreciation from here as purely a FI asset.

    I'm usually fairly decisive in my trades but I just can't decide on him, so I'm asking for your help, please give me reasons to hold or sell, preferably with reasoning or comparisons - Thanks in advance for the help.

  • I’ve been on him since £1.13 and it hasn’t crossed my mind to sell him and I don’t think you should be neither. The United links have only just started, come January he’ll be £2.50, come next season £3! That’s my opinion! Although just rumours with United there must be some truth behind them. Potential to make the Euros once Lyons shit manager gets sacked and Lyon get back on track! My advice is not to sell as he’s still young and won’t be at Lyon for to much longer!

  • @DavidMUFC1987 I read that United had scouts watching him for 3 games. Will get a move at some point and if it does happen to be United, or even if journalists write that it could possibly be United., His price will boom.

  • Im on the border of investing, hes a goalscorer but hes no Icardi or Kane.

  • @Dronny-Gaz said in Moussa Dembele at Lyon - Opinions?:

    United had scouts watching him for 3 games. Will get a move at some point and if it does happen to be United, or even if journalists write that it could possibly be United., His price will boom.

    That's actually giving credence to the rumours & as has been pointed out above simply the speculation would be enough to move the price, irrespective of any MB wins or it actually happens or not.

    I guess I was just questioning my own judgement as I had convinced myself Dybala to them would happen in the Summer & so I didn't sell when he hit £4 he's now back down at £2.86 & whilst I'm still in profit selling was clearly the better option.

    Holding seems the sensible strategy for now - cheers.

  • @NewUser159387 You did well getting in so early and the temptation is to take the incredible profit you've made. I think there's more to come and do hold myself. Sadly not at the price you got on though. 😁

  • @kaka8
    Kane and Icardi have 3 years on Dembele! That’s like saying Sancho has nothing on sterling!
    Kane and Icardi do not have a big transfer in them, Icardi’s just joined PSG and Kane seems content to end his career with no trophies! Potentially Dembele could lead the line for France for the next 5 plus years and has a big transfer in him!

  • @Dronny-Gaz
    Agreed, he’s been linked with United more than the once in the last transfer window alone. January they’ll come around again and he’ll fly!

  • If your holding mainly for utd links I'd get rid because theres hardly ever a treble media day anymore and hes always liable to be beaten into second place by a freak occurrence as were seeing today. Or take yesterday. There was great value in the old 'linked to utd' line before cos even on a freak occurrence theres a great chance of getting consistent 2nd and 3rd place divs but they're rocking horse shit now so I'd fuck him right off and take your profits personally

  • @MickTurbo
    Links with United in January won’t stop him flying Mick, freak occurrences as we’re seeing today, I take it you’re referring to Gnabry. He did have a freak game mind

  • @DavidMUFC1987 yeh gnabry mate, but theres always gonna be summit like that, even more so with 15-16 × the amount of eligible players.

    MB is a fuckin mess and I think the utd premium, arguably even the EPL premium is gone at present

  • @MickTurbo
    Yeah they fucked MB right up, fi know what they’re doing! Dividends are some what of a lottery now! Manchester United are a mess, I think even the media are starting to get bored of talking about how bad we are! It will be interesting to see what fi do after the 5% bonus ends because i think they’ll be one hell of a dip!

  • @DavidMUFC1987 I think the press will continue to write about utd more than anybody else, but it's getting to the stage where MB is becoming a lottery. Pog has finished 3rd yesterday and probably 2nd today behind a freak performance and a non top 200 player.

    The feeling that gives me is akin to the fact that I hold willian and depay but not messi; vvd and TAA but not hakimi robbo and Gomes. I invite u to look at todays PB scores and you'll see what I'm getting at

  • It's weird because whenever I've watched him he can't stay onside or kick straight. He scuffs a lot of shots and runs around like a headless chicken.

    But he seems to keep scoring. I wouldn't put him near Utd calibre but his numbers do suggest otherwise.

  • @Lukeroro sounds perfect for the current United team then.

  • Apparently Everton have had scouts watching him as well as United.
    Issues with Depay getting picked before him and was on the bench at the weekend.
    Could be a January transfer story.

  • Lyon sacked their manager last night so interesting to see how the team changes in the next few weeks.
    Depay/Dembele balance could be important to which one gets sold in summer!
    Expect their form to pick up after the international break.

  • One of them is getting sold, Martin Terrier will be starting more.

    I Can’t see either leaving until after the euro’s though.

  • Decent goalscorer, awful player. You’d be holding squarely on United mb.
    Considering mb players are tanking(albeit more expensive) he’s a weak hold imo.
    Any player without decent pb credentials are flaky and reliant on variables.

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