Just another Marcus Edwards thread

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    Keep this brief...

    Price has risen by 30% in a week
    He will play on Thursday in Europe
    He will go up further do my advice, if your buying buy now. If you thinking of selling, want until after the Arsenal game or better yet after the group stages. Sell then or long hold till next season when he might be back in PL maybe spurs.

    Or ignore me and get on the Pogba train.

  • I met Marcus last week in Portugal for a coffee.
    He’s double my price on the index so he was giving me some stick lol
    Nice lad though.

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    Up 3p in an hour, if you got on in...your welcome πŸ‘

  • @Bruno-Xadas bout time you started playing rather than cruising the local coffee shops

  • I think spurs will live to regret him leaving, he's a whizz

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    @MUFC his a great talent, just needs to mature a bit. All the talent you could ever ask for. Still at 70ish pence it's a no brainer

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    His up 55% in a week, games on tonight. Last chance! If you jumped on it when I said you now have a tidy profit. His gonna fly told ya all........πŸ˜€

  • No questioning the lad's talent. I'm sure he'll impress tonight. 77p still looks very cheap for his potential πŸ‘

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    @Hotspur 80p now, I predicted he would go up to Β£1 looking good

  • i agree - i still thinks he looks cheap and now at 80p

  • Has he been injured or just only played 1 league game so far??

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    @gball1975 recently moved to Portugal. Had personal problems at spurs and fell out with the manager. Great talent played for England at U21. Believe spurs have a buy back clause in his transfer contract also

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