Man Utd 2moro

  • Another mass Greenwood sell off😞

  • @Gazz127 I'm having a great day, with Greenwood, now have 3 of the top 5 on the decrease list along with Salah and Griezmann.

  • @Gazz127 said in Man Utd 2moro:

    Another mass Greenwood sell off😞

    Looks fully justified to me - No offence but can anyone explain how he's £4.60 & 10th most expensive player on the index???

    I understand the youth bubble's looking for the next great superstar & this lad has talent, scored a few at U18 level but he's priced like the next CR7!

    Just for transparency I don't hold him, obviously, he's more expensive than Hazard & nearly twice Griezzman - utter madness.

  • Beginning to think it's a curse to hold Utd players🤔

  • @MJC If you hold a player over £4 it seems then it spells trouble unless they perform like a Messi or something.

  • Greenwood’s strength is his finishing
    Man United cannot create 1 single chance for anyone let alone greenwood

  • 5 wins in 22 - Jesus Christ

  • Sorry but has there been a worse Utd side than this in the last 25-30 years?

  • @Gazz127 Only have Sterling, Salah and Greenwood over the £4 mark. Think I may have to reluctantly sell up the last 2 and invest into cheaper players.

  • Honestly could be the worst game of football I’ve seen in years, how ‘Manchester United’ can go to AZ and not have a shot on target and get 1 corner is beyond me. Mata and Matic might as well get put to sleep, it’s like they think they’ll get fined if they reach above 10mph. Always try and find a positive in a game but really hard after that, suppose the defence looked solid and Brandon Williams gave a good account of himself. But good lord United could’ve played all night and they wouldn’t have scored!! Get me a G + T

  • The strikers are not good enough, we need a proper No. 9.

    January SOS

    Fred awful, attacking threat none existent, the kids (Gomes, Greenwood did nothing)

    2 positives:-

    Williams (young LB) already as good as Shaw.

    Lingard went off injured - hopefully out for a month+ 🙏

  • A point away from home on a dodgy pitch.🤙

    Not a great game though.

  • @ChazFI123 What the hell is Solskjaer's plan and tactics ? Doesn't matter what XI that turns out they still play the same shit, boring football. Complete turnaround from his first 3 months in charge which ultimately got him the job.

  • @MJC Then again as soon as you do that the tide will turn as the so called cheaper players don't look value anymore and people will see value in those more expensive players.
    Saying that so many are underperforming in the top 20 or so.
    A dividend increase is much needed.
    I hold a few of the top guys like Kane Sancho and Sterling and at least they are just about keeping their heads above water.
    I think we have all had to diversify to a certain extent and that does help the portfolio through tough times like we are having.
    This trend to value long will it last until they price themselves out of value🤔

  • @MJC I don’t necessarily think it’s all on OGS, I think he’s tactically miles away from where he needs to be. However, games like tonight have been going on for years, under Moyes, LVG and Mourinho it’s like there’s a bit of a cancer round the club but nobody knows exactly what’s causing it.

  • @Gazz127 only 57 of the top 200 have rose by 1p or more the last 24 hours.

  • Yes Ole give Zlatan a bell as you need a bloomin hero to sort this utter mess out😧

  • @MJC
    Look we’ve had what 3/4 managers since Fergie left, they’ve signed a load of crap and we never played any decent football with any of them! it’s going to take time to get rid of them and build a new side! You can’t question Ole’s 3 signings, you don’t think Ole wanted Lukaku replaced and a new midfielder 🤦🏻‍♂️ Of course he did! This is not down to Ole, you can’t polish a turd, no manager, no tactics can help us right now, we’ve got to be patient and believe in Ole. Tbh we should have won our first 4/5 league games, I thought we were unlucky with decisions going against us and missed pens! This isnt a great squad, don’t expect miracles!

  • @Gregolocky Very lean times indeed.
    The problems that were here before the bonus period have not gone away and were not addressed.
    The bonus plastered over a big crack but it solved nothing!

  • @DavidMUFC1987 The squad Fergie last won the title with was shocking, how he managed that bunch of mediocre players to a title was nothing short of a miracle.
    Man Utd at the moment have no team spirit or team tactics and a lot of that falls at the managers door.

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