All aboard the Messi train - The Future King of FI

  • @MM I think its nothing more than people speculating. Its not that much of a leap to say any announcement tomorrow will likely benefit players who win dividends and Messi wins dividends.
    The fact that the announcement has been moved forward and we are still in the bonus period would also encourage people to act now.
    This constant worry of leaks - its a gambling platform. Whenever there's an announcement people take a gamble beforehand on what it will be to try and beat the rush. Some get it right some get it wrong and then everyone assumes there was a leak.
    I would be almost certain that the vast majority of FI employees wont even know what the announcement is until the same time as us - it will be kept to as small a number of people as need to know to make things happen.

  • @janner73 I think this is also compounded by the fact that it seems Messi is slowly starting to find form again after a slow start to the season. People are probably now remembering what high scores he consistently posted before this season. But I think you're right, we're still in a bonus period so that helps, and I do agree that Messi is relatively safe considering no matter what dividends they announce, it'll only benefit him.

  • @Black-wolf I've done the exact same with the exact same plan as you with the euros in mind, however I've gone for De Bruyne over Kroos and Thiago. Let's hope it pays off!

  • looks like still a few more stations you can get on the train at lol

    de bruyne keeping tabs on him

    think i have been very fortunate with the new dividend changes

  • nicely passed pogba for 5th now, got sancho in his sights

  • Messi putting on another master class tonight what a ball for the assist and then followed up by a stunning free kick. He really is the magician!!

  • go on lionel

    30 minutes behind everyone else in game time due to the 8.15pm start but already top of tonights performers

    holding this gravy train for as long as can, hes only 32

  • 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • Is messi finally leaving TAA in his

    Seriously tho, the way hes going atm I can see him being £8 before long and maybe even closer to £10 by xmas

  • Messi Messi Messi. Absolute PB monster.

  • @Ddr and so he should. I actually think hes still improving as a player which i never would have thought possible. Im not entirely sure hes even human

  • @Black-wolf I'm not watching the game, you?

  • It's actually so important for new users to see Messi at the top. He's the fucking greatest of all time and still a brilliant player. Last season one genuinely one of his best. He needs to be king of the index as that comforts new users.

  • @Ddr yep Messi has been lethal. He could of scored a few more too. Fati misplaced a couple of passes to Messi that would have seen him through on goal. But Fati has played well too just young and lacking experience

  • Good timing for Messi to demonstrate why he was underpriced.

  • My decision to make a massive loss on Pogba and pile it all into Messi a month back has worked out well. Was -£105 on Pogba after commission and currently +£116 on Messi. That doesn't take dividends into account, which Messi is leading by a mile. Not sure pogs has picked up any since I bailed.

  • @LittleFish and he will likely drag up the rest of the PB elite with him as the season goes on and people keep hunting for value.

    I told myself once Messi hit £6.50 id sell up 400 and have my remaining 100 bought and paid for eliminating any risk but thats not happening as i had hope that would be after a steady 6months of dividend returns and theres no way im missing out on those divs

  • @Dr-Jan-Itor unreal last season and still not going to win the Balon D’Or, that’s a joke in my opinion how he’s not winning it

  • @ChazFI123 It really seems to have gone under the radar just how good we was last season. Maybe it is because of his age that people do not recognise it? I am a bit baffled by it. I would love some explanation cos I cant! Traditionally he was the hold on here that infuriated me the most, as people were explicitly dumping him solely on his age (he's not that old) and not based on his performances, and I lost a decent amount on him. I almost quit 4 months ago because of this, when I saw youngsters with a handful of first team caps approaching his price. Now he is moving to where he belongs. The Index needs to be driven by dividends, and he is a motherfucking king of them.

  • @Advinculas-Index said in All aboard the Messi train - The Future King of FI:

    It would be fair to assume that there will be a number of games this season where Barca rack up 4/5/6 goals in matches and invariably it will be Messi that weighs in with a couple of goals and or assists in those matches.

    When this happens he will score in excess of 300 points

    Tick, tick, tick and tick.
    Barca score 5, Messi gets 2 goals & 2 assists = 307pts and that's without a GWG.
    Kudos to Advinculas for that prediction btw.

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