The new Harry Maguire.....

  • As a Leicester fan that profited massively from Maguire (still sold way too early) I have been looking at who’s next.

    Look no further than Jack O’Connell at Sheffield Utd. Across the first 6 games no one had won more headers. He is famed for his overlapping runs and crosses in to the area. Very comfortable on the ball. Still young and clearly has a transfer in him. He has liked by the press, chosen to give post match interview after the Liverpool game in the pitch.

    His only negative is that he is playing in a back 3 which could at present limit his England involvement.

    Current 47p

  • Won’t lie when I read this I expected him to be about 20/21 years old- he’s only a year younger than Maguire!

  • Still very young for a CB though. Maguire did very little as a youngster

  • @Archer22 what? Harry Maguire had played 100 games more than O'Connell at the same age and at a better standard? I wouldn't say someone that made over 200 appearances at League One standard or above did very little as a youngster

  • @Archer22 said in The new Harry Maguire.....:

    Still very young for a CB though. Maguire did very little as a youngster

    Think this statement is all sorts of wrong.

    O'Connell 25, and in that time has played 242 games in total scoring 13 goals. Those games break down as follows:
    Premier League - 7 (0)
    Championship - 103 (4)
    League 1 - 73 (9)
    League 2 - 59 (0)

    His honours include:
    Rochdale - 3rd place promotion from league 2
    Sheff Utd - League 1 winner and Championship runner up

    Maguire's stats are 280 games and 17 goals, broken down as follows:
    Premier League - 101 (7)
    Championship - 43 (1)
    League 1 - 129 (9)

    His honours include:
    England - 22 caps, 1 goal, member World Cup 2018 squad, 3rd place Nations League
    Hull - Championship playoff winner
    Individual - PFA League 1 team of the year 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14
    League 1 team of the season 2013-14
    Player of the month August 2011
    Sheff Utd player of the year 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14
    Sheff Utd young player of the year 2011-12
    Hull fans' player of the year 2016-17
    Hull player of the year 2016-17
    Leicester player of the season 2017-18
    Leicester fans player of the season 2017-18

    Now whilst there is still 1 year difference, if you take of the last season for Maguire it reduces his appearances to 242 so the same as O'Connell, but the only other thing to change is the Nations League win. Maguire still played for England on numerous occasions, had been to a world cup, was a target for a "big" team

    O'Connell may go on to huge things and have major success but I too was expecting him to be 20 or something and not just 1 year behind.

  • @Archer22 as a Blade myself I rate Jack very highly. Hes one of our prized assets and generally a very reliable defender capable of weighing in with the odd goal or assist due to how we play.

    Personally don't think hes quite to Harry's standards. When he played for us in league one you could tell how good Harry was and not surprised one bit hes gone on to be Englands first choice centre half.

    Having said that O'Connell is very cheap at his current price and worth more than 47p.

    Did you also know his girlfriend plays for England ladies as well? Potential media opportunities right there.

    I've kept an eye on his PB scores so far and has done well. We are a decent defensive unit so a goal or assist could see him win some dividends and he'll rise a decent amount.

  • @Brane_Ormso That is strange, I think that Jack is actually more impressive than Harry but sure each to their own cup of tea.

    In my opinion Jack is more achieved

    2008 Fright Meter Awards Best Supporting Actor Eden Lake Won[49]
    2009 Fantasporto International Fantasy Film Awards Best Actor Eden Lake Won[50]
    2010 Monte-Carlo Television Festival Golden Nymph Awards Outstanding Actor – Drama Series Skins Nominated[51]
    TV Choice Awards Best Actor Skins Won[22]
    2013 British Independent Film Awards Best Actor Starred Up Nominated[38]
    Les Arcs European Film Festival Awards Best Actor Starred Up Won[52]
    2014 BAFTA Scotland Awards Best Actor Starred Up Nominated[53]
    British Independent Film Awards Best Actor '71 Nominated[39]
    Chicago Film Critics Association Award Most Promising Performer Starred Up
    Unbroken Won[54]
    Dublin Film Critics' Circle Awards Breakthrough Starred Up
    Unbroken Won[55]
    Best Actor Starred Up
    '71 Nominated[55]
    Dublin International Film Festival Awards Best Actor Starred Up Won[56]
    Hollywood Film Awards New Hollywood Unbroken Won[57]
    National Board of Review Awards Breakthrough Performance Starred Up
    Unbroken Won[42]
    New York Film Critics Online Awards Breakthrough Performance Starred Up
    Unbroken Won[58]
    2015 BAFTA Awards Rising Star N/A Won[43]
    Empire Awards Best Male Newcomer Unbroken Nominated[59]
    Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association Dorian Awards Rising Star N/A Nominated[60]
    London Film Critics' Circle Awards British Actor of the Year Starred Up
    Unbroken Nominated[61]
    Trophée Chopard Male Revelation of the Year N/A Won[62]

  • I am in no way comparing the two as they stand today but look at Maguire when Leicester purchased him from Hull, no one could have predicted what would happen.

    I do think JOC has many things in his favour to reach upwards of £1

  • @Antierror I did see that, but I thought a more even comparison would be to only compare their football careers and not their acting careers. Very silly of me really considered O'Connell has managed to combine two very demanding careers!

  • I was in Sicily in the summer and was speaking to a Swiss bloke that went to college with Jack when he lived in Spain... I'll be honest I didn't know much about him until this chat so did a bit of research and watched him play a few times and i've really been impressed with him, similarities to Maguire and certainly the comfortable in possession ball playing sort that Southgate likes.

    At 0.47 he's certainly one that come Feb could get an England call up which will have a positive reflection on his price (i think it could double in value) so certainly one for the low risk punters that are looking to double up in profit within the year!!!!

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