If you could only keep one...

  • Firstly I hold all 4 players, but if you could only keep one who would it be?

    Rhian Brewster £1.31 up from purchase
    Mason Greenwood 78p up from purchase
    Angel Gomes 62p up from purchase
    Troy Parrott 30p up from purchase

    If you could keep only one...who would it be and why?

  • @gball1975 Rashford! He is the only one to have proven himself IMO. The others have potential but could just as easily fall away and become a league 1 player within your 3 year bet. Rashford will be in every England squad if he isn't injured and will become Uniteds main attacker this season.

  • Probably keep Rashford, within the next year he's the only one who is going to be playing regularly. What would cause Brewster/Parrot to spike, maybe a goal in the cup, but being realistic they'll both play 6 games max this season. Gomes is an interesting one, but I think the fact United kept Mata really doesn't help his progression

  • Thank you to everyone who has brought shares in me so far 🙏
    I am giving my friend Torles Knoll some stick because I am a higher price than him 💪💪💪

  • @Bruno-Xadas Mate...this is getting a bit boring now, commenting the same garbage on everyone's topics.
    Feel free to carry on if you want but I think most think you are a bit of a twat!!!

  • Rashford poses least risk as he's already an England and United regular... looking at any of the above though... all have long term potential but no guarantees any of them will be even at their parent clubs in say 3 years time... I say nice profit on Brewster so personally would cash out on a healthy profit but if he does make the Liverpool team and go on to play for England then that value could double still... same with Parrott... But no guarantees either will even get a league start under their belt this season?

    All really depends on whether you really believe that these kids could be 'next best thing'???

    Personally i'm not so sure about any of them... After all Ross Barkley was once dubbed the new Gazza and he's £1.28!!!!!

  • @gball1975 not sure who is more annoying, him or the guy who allows pumps Reus and lo celso.

  • @Bruno-Xadas said in If you could only keep one...:

    Thank you to everyone who has brought shares in me so far 🙏
    I am giving my friend Torles Knoll some stick because I am a higher price than him 💪💪💪

    Hey, remember a few days ago, when you posted a message that was actually useful to the forum and worthwhile ... did your ma steal your phone or something?

    Or is this just you reverting back to repeatedly posting irreverent nonsense? 🤨

  • Sorry all @Squire1905 @ChazFI123 @dannypea …. was meant to be Mason Greenwood not Rashford.

    Amended first message!!!

    Please re-comment (if you would that would be great)

  • @gball1975 in that case I would probably go for Angel Gomes to keep, he's closer to first team football than Parrott and Brewster and although I think Greenwood will end up being class and will have a good season, how much more will his price really grow without him returning any divs? Gomes probably has the most chance of CA IMO (looked the best player on the pitch against Astana) as the other two are not ready for the first team and I would definitely bank the Brewster profit. However the only youth prospects I hold is Anthony Gordon and James Garner, once Gordon has any sort of exposure he'll easily end up in the £2+ youth hype bracket

  • @gball1975 Oh well in that case I am out of ideas haha I did hold Parrott and Brewster but got out on their latest rises as they were making me too nervous!

  • @gball1975 on that case I would probably go with Greenwood who's more advanced in his career than the others?? having already played for United and scored in a European competition he will at least get minutes under his belt this year and with it some media attention... He'll probably be the first out of those listed to get England acknowledgement which again will boost his price further so would be a more exciting hold for me.... As for the others, it might feel like watching paint dry for them just to play a Carabao Cup game!!!!

    Nothing better for me than checking the results of a weekend and seeing the PB scores of your players and noticing one has topped the list with his price rising in value... with these 'next generation' youngsters that might appreciate in capital off some under 23 hat trick i really can't get that excited about!!!!

  • Must admit...I am tempted to sell Brewster and Parrott on.

    Brought @£1.83, currently £2.13 Lets be honest won't be getting any proper football anytime soon as out of the League Cup. May wait until the next round of U21 games and sell on a spick.

    Possibly Brewster aswell, brought @£1.61, currently £2.92...may sell on the next spike.

  • Rhian Brewster(£1.19 UP)
    Mason Greenwood (28P UP)
    Angel Gomes (38P UP)
    Troy Parrott (13p)

    So ..currently all my kids are falling, some quite a bit since the start of this thread.

    Keep or sell on!????

  • Keep Rashford!

  • @ocs123 But I don't have Rashford. ?

  • @gball1975 Brewster is going to get so little football I believe.
    Had High hopes he would get the odd game here and there from the bench but not looking promising.

  • For what it's worth I've abandoned all the young english kids I'd previously held, yet for the first time ever I've bought angel gomes.

    Truth is I see him getting way more game time that Greenwood and I also think he's a bit under the radar relatively speaking. I think he has a calmness about him that I don't see in the others. Everytime they touch the ball it seems like a big deal where as gomes just looks like he can take things in his stride so I actually believe he could be the one to go on to be a star out of all of them

  • Italian midfielders seem to be the in thing this autumn

  • @MickTurbo Fair point, you are not the only person to say to only keep Gomes.
    I need to learn to be more assertive....sell the other three on the next spike I think.
    Hopefully Brewster will do something tonight in the U21 game.

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