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  • Been listening to Spurs Rochdale at Wembley so far 2 goals disallowed and total chaos Spurs score rochedale score and all hell is breaking lose is this the end of football has we know it!!! Video ref dissecting the game!!

  • As a traditionalist and a romatic i hate the introduction of VAR and what I hate even more is the 'fact' that it doesn't bloody work? I've seen it go wrong in Germany, in Italy and now here. What annoys me the most is that there is no transparancy in any of the decisions.... In rugby you hear the referee talk every player through the game, in cricket you hear the video umpire, they have the tools, in tennis it's either in or out and we all agree (definitively) with what hawkeye says.... But football has got it s wrong.

    I think half the problem is understanding 'why' an official gives a decision and in football we don't get to hear that? We don't always have to agree with a decision but if we understand the reasons for why it was given surely that would be better than just using a video to make bad decisions worse????

    We need to go back to the drawing board and simply start again!!

  • What I hate most about VAR is say if a decision tales 4 minutes. You don't see that 4 minutes added to end of the game. Maybe they add a minute. I want to watch 90 mins of football not 85 mins and 5 mins of people loitering

  • Agree... But i also don't want to be watching 110 minute games!!!

  • @dannypea

    I think last night really showcased it. I have son & I have lamela in my portfolio who gave son two assists and had a goal disallowed son scored two and had a penalty wiped off for illigaly fainting if cup games counted I may of won some midfield buzz I guess there my two biggest holdings and with FI when your player scores you buy no good when you see them talking in there ear piece sets kills all the excitement of here and in the actual game. A few week back I remember everyone buying son before away games he gets back to Wembley picked and nearly scores a hat trick. But for me sack VAR for sure

  • VAR is a great system poorly utilised, the Video ref should have a maximum of 30 seconds to make a decision - have you seen the tools they've got at their disposal!

    They should also wire the ref up to the PA system like they do at Rugby so everyone's clear about what's going on.

    I think VAR is long overdue but that Spurs v Rochdale game was a complete VARce! Llorente's contact with their defender was so minimal, Moura was clearly body checked and the pen not given, they didn't even know the official rules about feinting in the run up (granted I didn't think you could feint in the run up either but I'm not a ref!), the foul was outside the box for Son's pen too so I'm not being biased - just a complete joke all round.

    Apparently the Tennis, Rugby and Cricket fans didn't embrace it at first either but it clearly works, just needs intelligent people using it!

  • @Agatello

    Was at magic weekend a few years back and Wigan beat Leeds. Due to video ref on a very dodgy decision against Leeds in rugby league there ain’t separate seating especially at magic weekend where all fans sit together. Having some gloating Wigan pie eaters in my face all afternoon wasn’t nice at all! But the try no try system is ace and adds to the experience unlike in football... the decision in rugby is explained where in football someone’s looking at it and another prick has the rule book... I’ve never seen a free kick and a yellow card for illegal fainting on a pentaly a retake yes... but in all fairness the real score would of been 9-1 and the lads from Rochdale made it a traditional attempt at a shock in the spirit of the game and fairly won there day out at Wembley next up for a slaughter at Wembley Huddersfield

  • @Agatello I have nothing against VAR provided it doesn't remove the amount of actual football played or ruin the tempo of a game

  • @Noirx4 I was convinced it wouldn't but the way they operated it the other night has made me wonder if the idiots can get it right.

  • In rugby league if it’s a knock on it’s a knock on and ball has always got to move backwards. A lot of trys are based on the fact was the blokes foot in play or not they rewind lots and then explain there findings... in horse racing foto finishes work good. Problem with football is there not making a decision based on the events. There making a decision then getting out the rule book too! And probably googling it... lol. at Wembley it was a farce and spoilt half a game they may has well of only played the 2nd 45!!!!

  • One thing is for sure. The people that said it would take the debates away from Football were wrong!

  • @Ozzlebert said in Video Ref!!!:

    One thing is for sure. The people that said it would take the debates away from Football were wrong!

    @Ozzlebert said in Video Ref!!!:

    One thing is for sure. The people that said it would take the debates away from Football were wrong!

    Why did the ref need to get told by a 3rd party watching a video to get the decisions wrong??? (Is my arguement) the time taken!!! the game flow stoped for a wrong consultation???

    FA rule on Illigal fainting (which comes from when a goat 🐐 faints randomly see google fainting goats) funny!!! Educational lol 😂

    FA rule

    feinting to kick the ball once the kicker has completed the run-up (feinting in the run-up is permitted); Son did it in his run up!! (Way I read the law?) Pogba did this and was sent off before now but that was after the run up... (it may even of got him MB lol 😂 if FI was around at the time!!

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