• 43p

    Roma striker, 31 years old.

    Supposed to be in the line up tonight.

    Dzeko is his main competition up front through the season and he is no spring chicken. (Rested tonight)

    ( Roma bought him from A Madrid in the summer)

    Literally hardly played so that’s why he is so cheap, not really sure why just could be fitness. Worth a punt imo.

  • @Tom77 .. theres a few playing Europa at decent value, I have a few randoms ive picked up. my hold for today, besides Jesse Lingard (as always, I apologise) is Lazar Markovic..

  • Its a very cheap punt that, looked decent a few years ago.
    As for lingard................. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • @Tom77 .. Poor Jesse, no one loves him anymore..

  • @Ole-ole said in Kalanic:

    @Tom77 .. Poor Jesse, no one loves him anymore..

    I’m sure gomes at this moment can do more.

  • @Ole-ole I think the fact that when we played Rochdale, every player completed and attempted more passes than Jesse, even Phil Jones who went off after 45 minutes is the nail in the coffin for me

  • @Tom77 .. To be fair I agree his performances don't merit a regular starting spot, he is a frustrating hold, but its got to the point where I know the minute I sell him hes going to shine.. so I cant do it until he has his day again!

  • @ChazFI123 .. He needs to pack it in with all the social media and fashion line nonsense, and get his down and earn his spot again.. My faith is diminishing gradually as a fan, but in FI terms if he don't step his game up im stuck with him! haha

  • One thing I've noticed with Lingard is that he avoids passing to any of the new crop of youngsters when they are in good positions - must feel very threatened but ends up looking even more useless by taking wild shots or losing the ball completely.

  • Dzeko has a fractured cheekbone - could be run of games coming for Kalinic.

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