When I Joined Up We Had 20 Pound Players And Everything?

  • Seems a long long time since the last £20 player. I miss those days. You could lump on Pogba and feast on his dividends for weeks on end. The 3 year hold was a 3 year hold. Not a 3 game run against also rans. PB players were coveted back in those days. Now the crowds go wild for a son of Haland hat trick against some Belgian team with son of Hagi.

    It's certainly a different world these days. Still I can't complain. I made £6 in iPDs the other night. Who needs £20 players?👍

  • @Dalien-Smith yeh miss that. Some old timers on twitter showing off all the time with how cheap they got players and making out they are amazing traders.... Jeez 8 or 9 months ago I was buying playera like vinicius Jr for £4 and they turned to £12 in matter of weeks for no reason at all... No MB, no pb,... Just scoring a goal for Madrid was enough. Wish I'd known about FI sooner. Might have a port to compete with the Don!!

  • @Vespasian32 in fact if I'd known about FI when it started I'd have never got married and had a kid and my port would be twice as big as the dons 😂 😂 😂

  • Ah i miss those days!!!!

    The two horse race between Neymar & Pogba as they fought for column inches... Messi, Salah & Ronny doing bits each week for PB points and Memphis Depay & Florian Thauvin mopping up on Thursday nights!!!!

    These days it seems you have to stick your money into Parrott's and Odegaard's before they even kick a ball to make any money!!!

    At least Ryan Sessegnon is still ridiculously priced!!!!!!!

    Anyone remember the time James Milner was 'stuck' on £2.25 as he IPO'd at a ridiculous amount before a share split that meant he would never go down lower??? Obviously the three way split ensured the lowest he'll ever sell for now is 0.75 (or thereabouts) so considering he's still got another ten years football (at least) filling in as a modern Steve Nicol for Liverpool i reckon that's pretty low risk!!!!!

    #allaboutthemilnertrain #onwardsandupwards

  • I'm so envious of all the ppl who were on here when england under 17's were ripping teams apart in that world cup, I'd of had high hundreds in sancho CHO foden mount & brewster now in vast profit. Although I'd also have had high hundreds in mgw and sessegnon lol

  • I joined when Vinicious was on the rise from £4 to £12. Exciting times. You really bought into the potential of the place. I bought Kai Havertz for £1 something or other and he flew. Appears to be a growth ceiling at the minute but those were heady days.

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