International break - some kind fixtures

  • Belgium v San Marino

    This should see some sharp rises in Belgian players leading up to the fixture. They'll probably rest the likes of Hazard and Lukaku I imagine but they should still put about 6 minimum past them. Good opportunity for some IPD's and PB. Tielemans, Carrasco and Dendoncker among the players likely to be starting.

    Portugal v Luxembourg

    Another comfortable game for the Portuguese. The main man CR7 will post a good score and probably chip in with a couple of goals.

    Estonia v Germany

    Germany won 8-0 last time they faced Estonia. Werner, Gnabry likely to be in amongst the goals. Kroos should also post a good score here pulling the strings in midfield.

    Expect the media to be all over Abraham should he get his England debut. If anything like the last game Sterling & Sancho will be talked about a lot as the excitement for the Euro's build up.

  • Malta v sweden

  • Scotland vs. San Marino.

  • @Martyn-B said in International break - some kind fixtures:

    Scotland vs. San Marino.

    Who have you got for San Marino then?

  • @Tom77 said in International break - some kind fixtures:

    @Martyn-B said in International break - some kind fixtures:

    Scotland vs. San Marino.

    Who have you got for San Marino then?

    Searching database as we speak. Turns out I am out of the country so unable to trade, or flip, on that day.

  • Hence my new profile pic.
    I can see it being a good week or two for CR7...he usually puts himself in the media during international games and he's always good for goals.
    I'm not selling Bernardo Silva either like a few are doing, hopefully we get a goalfest...and more talk of Ruben Dias.

    Belgium also face Kazakhstan so that looks to be a no brainer, got me a couple of Spud defenders and the mentioned Dendoncker.
    Benito Raman should get some game time, FI has him listed as a forward, he's not totally reliant on goals to generate a good match day score so could outshine Lukaku/Batshuayi.

    Starting to think I might regret selling Victor and Scot McT on Monday though.

  • @C-Arroyo Agreed. I lumped my DB money on Ronaldo and have received CA and 2 IPD goals so far with another 6 games of IPD's available. Expecting around a 7-8p dividend per share which is tasty adding on my 10% bonus too.

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