Thinking of a drastic change to Port

  • Seems to be a bit of uncertainty around 'FI' at the moment especially over the last couple of weeks.
    My port flew in value and CA with the bonus announcement but now has dropped off massively to lower than the announcement.
    As you guys know I am not a big player with regards to money thrown into the my port but its a decent amount for me.
    I hold 22 players and am thinking of trimming it down to x10 and then putting my money from sold players into maybe another 3 players for the remainder of the season / Euros and then going from there.

    From the 22 players below could I please ask you thoughts on which 10 players to keep?
    I have an idea of my own of course but independent feedback on this is appreciated to me;


    1. Brewster
    2. Gomes
    3. Malen
    4. Kane
    5. Sancho
    6. Dembele
    7. Foden
    8. Havertz
    9. Mbappe
    10. Sterling

  • @gball1975

    Solid Holds; Kane, Sterling, Havertz, Alcacer, Sancho

    Future Stars: Barella, Mbappe, Jesus, CHO, Foden

    Transfer Targets: B Fernandes, Malan, Edouard, Dembele

    Some fall in more than 1 category obviously but you need to decide what you want from FI? Short term trading, long term investments, quick IPD flips or a balanced mixture of some/all the above? Once you know ask yourself why you bought your current holds & are the reasons still relevant or justified. If not no problem changing your mind & selling but remember even great FI players can be under/over or fairly valued at any time so selling good holds for great profits can be sometimes justified.

    Patience often pays dividends on FI but you need to be totally honest with yourself - have you got the self discipline to hold when your instincts say trade? Having a short, medium & long term plan on which to build your strategy is very important but it requires self control to not fall for the temptation to over trade as there will always seem to be better options available. You really need to find a regime that suits your personal character & investment plan & then have the discipline to stick to it. Only risk what you are comfortable to lose should the worst catastrophe hit your holds, think Emiliano Sala type accident.

  • Havertz

  • @gball1975 i too have made a drastic change to my portfolio but only because of the market trend before the deposit bonus and the the DB itself. I decided to think less of whos a solid hold or not and more at whether they spiked over the deposit bonus or not.

    My reasons are that im worried things continue as they were before the bonus so im hoping those that havent spiked also wont drop when they bonus period ends. They are all decent PB holds so capable of dividends and ive also locked in that profit from those that recently spiked.

    I was really happy with my portfolio but in truth the deposit bonus really kind of ruined it all as i couldnt ignore the sudden cap app. Once everything settles down again i may return to my previous strategy.

    So my advice is really to put your money in players that havent spiked that have a good PB history as these are the players that will imo be safest

  • @NewUser159387 strategy is long term hold but I feel I need to tweek my existing port down and as I think a lot of hype in some of players is gone. Need to amend my mentality 'slightly'.

  • @Black-wolf I totally see your point but which 10 players would you advice I keep?

  • ALL - Interesting that no one has chosen Greenwood or Parrott and only x1 Brewster and Gomes gets the vote.

  • @gball1975 said in Thinking of a drastic change to Port:

    ALL - Interesting that no one has chosen Greenwood or Parrott and only x1 Brewster and Gomes gets the vote.

    That was me the 1 X Brewster & Gomes.

    My reasoning is Manchester United & Liverpool are the biggest 2 teams in the country.

    I could have picked Greenwood & Brewster as these are both clubs brightest hopes, but Greenwood is now in first team action & will now sink or swim so it's a bad time to be getting involved.

    Brewster is still not playing so still has the "what if" potential 🤔 protecting him.

    Gomes is probably United's next great hope (after Greenwood) & is nearly half the price & could benefit from more hype due to our dire midfield.

    That's my opinion anyway. 👍

  • @gball1975 said in Thinking of a drastic change to Port:

    Interesting that no one has chosen Greenwood or Parrott and only x1 Brewster and Gomes gets the vote.

    Look at their current prices compared to PROVEN, RELIABLE dividend earners - they are priced as though they are certain to be the biggest world stars in the game - utter madness. Whilst they are undoubtedly talented & have great potential there's a list a mile long of equally talent youngsters who have fallen by the wayside for various reasons. Not to say the youth hype bubble won't continue to push their prices higher but it's simply hype as opposed to built on dividend performance or yields & I wouldn't personally touch them with a barge pole at current prices. Greenwood has decent U18 record but Man Utd first team is different gravy yet he's priced higher than Hazard & nearly twice Greizmann - simply unsustainable in my view.

  • Ok x4 players in the sell queue, once U21 games kick in I'll add another couple.

  • pulisic stands out to me

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