Roswell, JFK shooting, the moon landings and Football Index!

  • I'm reading a lot of theories and speculation on things that are happening on the index at the moment.
    Lack of communication has been an ongoing issue since I came to the Index at the start of the year and feeds such talk.
    Surely regular monthly statements outlining future plans and giving you an idea which direction the Index is going would be a great PR exercise and put investors minds at ease or at least give them the opportunity to make 'informed decisions'.
    I shouldn't be judging my investments/deposits on what might happen? I would like clarity on any forthcoming changes to PB, MB and IPD.
    None of us wants to drop ยฃ into players on a Friday to find the game and rules have changed by the Monday.
    I obviously want the Index to flourish as we all do. It's the lack of clarity that annoys me at the moment and has my confidence in the product wavering. Without confidence FI will fail.
    Whinge over! ๐Ÿ˜

  • @Dronny-Gaz unfortunately the reality of it is that we arent investors weโ€™re gamblers. The way they will look at is that as long as people are buying and selling and they are raking in commission they wont care. At the moment id say theres low numbers of people with large sums of money in but FI wont mind if that changes to high numbers of players with low sums infact it will probably work in their favour. The whole point in the share split was to lower prices to attract more members so i doubt they will really mind if prices plummet, it would make them a shed load of commission which they can then use on advertising or opening up to more countries.

    I truly be FI will live on and grow in popularity for a bery long time but that doesnt mean prices will always go up. I get really pissed anout their lack of clarity sometimes but I understand why they dont think they have to more transparent

  • Just having a rant!
    Still not happy, but slightly calmer now. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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