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  • Looking to spend about £1k and think I’ve narrowed it down to the below, would love to know ppls thoughts whether positive or negative.

    Sensi 2.33
    Ruiz 2.38
    Werner 2.63
    Berge 97p

    Broz 1.72
    Malen 2.63
    Guendouzi 1.84
    Zelinski 88p

  • @NewUser5676 personally don't see the value in Guendouzi, strikes me as the type of player who won't get any dividends so not sure what his value is

  • Think Werner is a good buy, opportunity for IPD's and with the Euro's and transfer talks next summer can see him touching £4 end of season. Agree with @ChazFI123 I don't really understand Guendouzi's price and he seems overvalued for someone who offers nothing in terms of dividends. I'd be careful with Malen, he's absolutely rocketed the past month or so and it will only take a couple of bad performances for plenty of people to bail out with the current volatility of the market. I think they'll be an opportunity to buy him at a cheaper price within the next few weeks.

  • Id say the players you list are good but have already seen growth. Maybe try some younger players if you are happy for a 12+ month hold.

    Dujon Sterling
    Alessandro Bastoni
    Chris Richards

    Any of these could easily return 100%

  • Thanks for the comments so far, I won’t have enough money to but the amount of shares I’d like to do will need to trim down and guendouzi was the most likely, had verrati on the initial list but removed. I currently own a few of the players, sensi, ruiz, Werner and berge so would top them up.

  • @NewUser384837
    I’ve heard of sterling and Richards I own, more than happy to hold for 12 months. Came close to selling Richards a few times through lack of patience but stuck with him, mainly due to stubbornness and that I bought him for the right reasons

  • @Deej.11
    I agree with the malen situation, I’m torn between is he too heated already or is he this years felix? Bit of a catch 22 to invest or not

  • @NewUser5676 This is true but I think Malen has the transfer buzz in him come summer and I'd tip him to set the Euro's alight.

    Can I throw another in there (you may already own) but Barella of Inter...the future of the Azzurri.

  • How many dividends will they win between them?

    Better plunking the lot on Sterling.

  • @NewUser384837 you gave a couple of youngsters, cheers hopefully Zech Medley Arsenal under 19 and 23 player, will return the favour sir.

  • Banned

    Callum Wilson, less than £1.30 in england squad will go up. Hopefully Kane will get injured

  • @NewUser5676 said in Shopping list advice:

    Sensi 2.33
    Ruiz 2.38
    Werner 2.63
    Berge 97p
    Broz 1.72
    Malen 2.63
    Guendouzi 1.84
    Zelinski 88p

    personally think there are better buys than these 8 although admitedly i dont know loads about Brozovic & Zelinski in terms of research.

    are you looking for fairly long term holds or not?

  • Hector Bellerin - £1.18 . Considering Tierneys value and given the defenders just comeback good chance of a few clean sheet over the next few games... prior to Liverpool of course. Great player and didn't really peak much even after captaincy last night . Have invested myself.

  • @NewUser355088 don't really agree with this, think Tierney is priced due to the fact he posted a good PB score and seems to be a genuine attacking threat (like Robertson) and he's British, whereas Bellerin can't defend and doesn't have a great attacking record either, 18 assists in 143 games, averaging about 4 assists a season and hasn't represented his country in years.

  • @Deano4dawin Kane will get injured can’t remember the last season he didn’t injure that ankle

  • @G27

    I am in it for the long term as 9-12 months maybe longer, would be interested to see who you’d put money into

  • @NewUser355088
    I’ve held bellerin since injury at 59p so 100 % on him and also have held tierney for about 2 months

  • @RU99
    Agree sterling is a safe hold, currently hold 50 bit think he’s more of a risk in putting the full amount into him

  • @gball1975
    Cheers, will look into him! 👍

  • I’d add Yari Verschaeren to that list
    Just £1.57
    Only 18 years old
    Huge potential in both his career and the index for you to gain money

    Scored again this evening for Anderlecht

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