Greenwood Drop

  • As I've been a member here for a relatively short period (6 months) can someone explain to me in simple terms why his price has dropped roughly 35p in 72 hours?

  • People getting out and taking their profut, still massively overpriced imo

  • @Incolrabaaz lots of people selling/putting in sell queue and no one buying. Not rocket science

  • @Andy ok clever cloggs, I was only asking a question of which you haven't really answered! Why are so many suddenly wanting to sell?

  • Where do you start🤔

    Plays for Utd and at the moment a big negative.
    Been hyped basically to his current price with little exposure to playing and now he is on the pitch he's not setting the world alight although in this team what chance does he have.
    Wonderkids under half his price actually doing the business on the pitch.
    He is also in that over £4 price bracket and Kane for instance is under 20p more expensive.
    For him to just hold his current price he would certainly have to start and score but Utd are not creating chances for him.

  • @Incolrabaaz said in Greenwood Drop:

    @Andy ok clever cloggs , I was only asking a question of which you haven't really answered! Why are so many suddenly wanting to sell?

  • @Gazz127 thanks. I've made about 96p a share so you reckon I sell then?

  • Whole top end is suffering, one quiet game and there's drops, Salah even scored 2 and dropped. Keep faith, this kid could and I believe will be the main goalscorer at the number 1 media club for over a decade.

  • @NallyCat ok, interesting reply. As you seem to have vast experience in F1, what's your take on why top end suffering? Does this happen often or never before in your time here?

  • He is massively overpriced and has been for some time.

    He has recently played a few times and not scored a spate of hat tricks.

  • Who? never plays when gets a chance against crap teams never performs like so many Utd youth bout 3 quid to much now if any 1 in profit I'd take it and run.! I felt a little guilty cashing in mine that high. Was waiting for the police to come knocking as it's daylight robbery!

  • I think the big hope with Greenwood is that he'll be a media king; and he may very well be, bit for that reason I expect him to rise and fall with pog.

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