Rony Lopes

  • Rony Lopes currently @ 0.77p gotta be some value there surely? Playes tomorrow night and has scored in his last 2 games. Any thoughts?

  • @NewUser125902

    I have a couple. His PB score was a bit low considering he scored twice vs Toulouse. But he played brilliantly, adventurously, and looked like a star in the making. I bought in because he looks like he might become Monaco's main man next season, in which case a transfer tends to follow!

  • I like him and was thinking about purchasing prior to this post so hopefully i've not missed out on vfm. Good player!!!

  • I've got a small holding to see how he gets on.

    All it takes is one major link and he'll proliferate

    Imo limited risk at the price and Monaco often play out with the weekend so potentially more chance of PB as he matures

  • If Falcao is back fit for tomorrow, will that affect his chances of starting?

    Just a thought...

  • Don't think so. He usually plays wide or as part of a 3 in behind Falcao or Keita

  • @NewUser121373 yea Falcao will come in for
    keita if he's fit and the manager fancies it. Let's see how Lopes goes tonight if he's up there PB wise and hopefully he won't have much competition tonight should see his value increase

  • this guy will be huge i think, i've recently picked up a few more, had him since 59p but keeps getting better and better so topped up. think if he makes portugal wc starting xi he'll be around 1-20/1-50

  • @NewUser123432 I was tempted to stock up when he was about 49p but his scores never seemed to fill me with optimism so didn't bother. Another missed opportunity haha.

  • @Stevo always time to get on, thats what they say. I've ballsed up so many in my short time on the index. but you throw enough , some of it sticks. luckily for me lopes is one on the up. i hope he keeps going

  • This guy is pretty impressive - but to be honest, i only bought him because my fellow FI mate kept going on and on about him!! I had to buy some just to stop the constant hype about this superstar in the making...

    Am i happy that i bought in at 51p to stop the ranting - yes, very much so! Do i wish i had of bought more than 30 shares - Hell yeah!!

  • 6p up so far today with game day tomorrow gotta fancy another 6p rise at least I'd imagine.
    #prayforRony 😂

  • @Stevo said in Rony Lopes:

    @NewUser123432 I was tempted to stock up when he was about 49p but his scores never seemed to fill me with optimism so didn't bother. Another missed opportunity haha.

    Yeh that's why I was hesitant, but then I watched him play a few week ago and was really impressed. He reminded me a little bit of Insigne. And Monaco are the sort of club where the next star is always waiting in the wings for a big transfer. Last season they had Bernardo and Mbappe, this season they've got Lemar and Fabinho. Next season... my money is literally on Lopes being the main man. Though I think this needs to be a long term hold. He probably wont nab the PB so it has to be about capital appreciation ahead of a transfer.

  • up another 6p before tonight, if he gets a goal tonight oi can see him clearing a quid easily before maybe a drop to 95p a la under a few weeks ago. Never too late. sorry don't mean to pump the guy so hard just trying to help people who are saying they missed him earlier. i hold but as a long term hold fo wc and maybe transfer talk

  • @playingcards1 he's a very good player, don't get me wrong and I'm guessing you meant in playing style but from a stats perspective he's light years away from Insigne and in a tougher midfield category.

    Personally Fabinho is a much better buy, only 3 years older, 2 goals behind him and his baseline probably dwarves that of Lopes.

    Saying that I agree that he's still cheap and a decent buy.

  • @Agatello Plus the Utd links for Fabinho - they'll be back again this summer.

  • @Agatello Yes indeed. Very much in terms of style rather than PB; his stats are a bit crappy. For me this is a hold for the possibility of a Lemar style transfer saga emerging next season.

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