Birthday bonus help. ..

  • I couldn't find anything about this on the birtday bonus Ts and Cs.....

    I bought 1138 pounds worth of players between 1st October to today. Somewhere in between I opted in....

    Today I received a confirmation email that I am opted in....

    Do you think I will recieve roughly 50 pounds and change or should I try sell my players futures and rebuy them?

  • Thanks in advance for any help and upvotes for helpful answers.

  • If you opted in for the first part then if you’ve spent £1050 on players you should receive £105 in bonus money. The first part is over so your free to sell up now

  • @Carboney I'm not sure what the date was when I opted in. I would have bought the players regardless of the bonus though.

    I checked my history and I bought 1040 worth on 1st October.

    I will just have to wait and hope i get that nice little bonus I guess, without counting on it though.

  • @Millonarios I think you're in for the 2nd part @ 5%. First part ended Monday 30/9.

  • @Millonarios as long as you opted in whilst the 10% part was still on going then all purchases and sales within that period will count towards your net buys regardless of whether they were before or after you opted in (can you imagine the headache that fi would have trying to determine what the net buy figure is for a part of that period instead of all of it!!! I mean come on, they coxk up mb and div payments all the time lol)

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