Anthony gordon

  • I see a lot of posts about the next english teenager that will make it big on football index anyone considered Anthont Gordon. The coach said yesterday he is close to 1st team football and he is still playing and scoring in his under 23 league. Bayern wanted him last April or May I believe. Might be good shout for the next Mason/Sancho rocket player.

  • @Kill_Kenny Very good player held since 45p sold at 90p and back on at £1.21 and holding long term as he is close to first team, he's looks good and sounds from reports to be a special talent

  • I’ve been watching this lad for a while. Had some very impressive performances at youth level and looks to be a real prospect for the future. Only a matter of time before he makes that first team and with Everton struggling at the moment it may be sooner rather than later. Still plenty of value to be found at his current price I believe.

  • My biggest hold. Had a steady increase in him so far, he's producing the goods at youth level and has a goal and assist in two games against men in the Checkatrade abomination. Looks like an eye catching player as well which is good for his price. Silva has said he is close to the first team but even if he gets the heave-ho soon then there's a chance Unsworth could get the gig as caretaker manager again and he played a fair few youth players last time so there is a route there.

    I don't put much stock at all in highlights etc but have a look at his skill against Man City the other week and his goal against Mansfield.

  • 0_1570279138021_BB9477C2-DAEB-46E1-A696-9F41CDCB81D2.jpeg

    That’s the worst pair of curtains I’ve seen since Sixth Form 1996

  • @Coleyscrooge .. all hes missing is a multi coloured shell suit!

  • @Coleyscrooge Hope he's rockin' an undercut.

  • Linked again to Dortmund.

    Dropped to 1.37.

    Who’s on? or who thinks it’s a waste of time

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