Spurs Are So Bad... Could Be A Great Time To Buy... (maybe)

  • Surely there's a media storm a brewing...

    Erikson wanted out over summer, Kane can't stay on the sinking ship forever, Lucas Moura scored a hatrick to put his team into the final of the Champions League 6 months ago, now he's watching from the bench as they are getting turned over by Brighton.

    How long before the sparks start to fly?

    Who, if anyone will benefit the most?

  • @Dan-The-Man Harry Kane, I don’t think he’ll stick around if the form continues and they miss out on top 4

  • lloris top of media after what looked a bad injury, at first i thought he was trying to hide his embarrassment, but then i seen this
    0_1570277626595_Screen Shot 2019-10-05 at 13.13.20.png

  • @Dan-The-Man
    Ole gets the sack, Poch to Utd to replace him - Kane gets a long drawn out transfer to Utd over the summer alongside the Euros.

    Kane has to be the winner - there is absolutely no way he's staying at Spurs next season so he's gonna be an MB magnet next summer.

  • Spurs have turned awful...mashed by Munich, losing to Brighton. Poch to go as he can do no more there. Kane needs to go to win 'anything'. Best buy I think is Kane 'and' Parrott.

  • Didn't know anyone could make Brighton look good.

  • Makes me feel better as a utd fan!! 😁

  • Would love to see Spurs’ record with Dier in the side, he’s absolutely terrible in midfield, he cannot pass or handle any sort of press on him, it’s so obvious he’s a defender playing in midfield

  • @ChazFI123 yeah, ngl I was very surprised to see winks on the bench. Why dier is playing ahead of him I’ve no idea. Can’t graft as well as winks or pass as well as him either.

    On a separate note I’d be very interested to see if Kane would entertain a move to us

  • @janner73

    Normally, I'd rule out the idea of Kane ever going to United, but in fairness... there aren't many teams in the world that could afford him and United have made a big deal about getting England players, so I could see them trying.

    Thing is... that's kind of like Kane swapping shit for dog shit.

  • @Andy I don’t think it’s impossible, he’d probably get a very nice pay rise to join united. The thing that would worry me is he’s a very patchy player sometimes and I could see him not scoring for all of August or something and the papers being all over him haha

  • @Dan-The-Man I think Kane to Madrid or Barca is more likely BUT it wont stop the papers and the MB linking him for months IF Poch is at Old Trafford

  • @ChazFI123 I think that’s the least of our concerns that he’s patchy, every player has spells of good and bad form. Not that it’s make a difference at this rate, we couldn’t score in August anyway! Our forwards have been shockingly out of form

  • lloris could have media wrapped up for the day here

  • @nicky540 spread is pretty bad and early injury prognosis from the doctors on Twitter say it’s potentially career ending.

  • @Andy I’d do unspeakable things to have Harry Kane at United, he’s the best number 9 in the world when he’s on form. I just think everyone would want him to fail if he joined United haha, tbh any striker will do currently there isn’t one number 9 in Uniteds squad. Just saw the Lloris arm injury on Twitter, Christ that’s a bad one

  • @NewUser275766 said in Spurs Are So Bad... Could Be A Great Time To Buy... (maybe):

    @nicky540 spread is pretty bad and early injury prognosis from the doctors on Twitter say it’s potentially career ending.

    ahh shit those twitter doctors know whtat they on about too

  • @nicky540 yeah I topped up this morning hoping for a clean sheet (plus the euro games) gears he went off and was gutted; silver lining if he wins MB 😎

  • Great start to the game week for FPL - started Lloris following Fabianski's injury last week! Benched Dunk! Fortunately didn't captain Kane.

  • Every time I think spurs are hitting rock bottom. They continue to amaze me and somehow get lower. I thought Newcastle game was rock bottom. Then Colchester. The. 7-2 midweek. Couldn’t get any worse. And here they are again. Continue to defy the impossible and be worse than rubbish.

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