Is Media Buzz Working?

  • Seems, like the media scores are mega low, have been last few days apart from the winner?

    Have all the journalists been told they are not allowed to write anymore or are the articles just not being pulled through correctly?

    Anyone had a nosey at all? I just can't believe the current scores are correct.

  • Loris on 1250

    If there is decent stuff worth talking about it gets written about.

    Can you think about anything else in the last 2 weeks?

    Not much happening, early in the season.

  • MB has become a joke... Trouble is I can't find stories online that are not being picked up.. So can't say FI is broken.

    But simple things aren't making sense... Let's talk about fairly low key players... Wesley scored 2 in a 5-1 thriller and missed a penalty... Happened hours ago... But he's on 140.

    Jordan fucking Ayew... Who gives a fuck! Game finished half an hour ago and he's up on 340.

    Neymar scores again in front of a partizan crowd... 120

    Ayoze perez 270...

    england wonderkid scores equaliser at Liverpool with internationals in a few days time... Maddison 120

    karius.. 100 pts... Pogba 20 pts.

    Based on the information at hand over the last few months I feel like hanging onto premium players through dips was the right thing to do. But having seen this fucking mess.. I'm not sure anymore.

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