• What do people think about Wesley from Aston Villa he has rose 20p tonight of the back of a good performance (2 goals and 1 assist) and a high PB score.

    1 name player like Neymar etc.. only 22 and if he continues to score in the premier league this could lead to transfer speculation.

    At only £1.14 he seems a bargain for a PL striker who has so much room for improvement.

  • biting my nails hoping he holds top fwd ha

  • @nicky540 he seems a decent buy. Already has 4 goals and 1 assist at the top level in an average team.

  • Definitely could have transfer possibilities in the future. Still cheap enough to buy a few for IPDs and reassess after the 30 days, I think.

  • Cashed in on him yesterday after buying in at 71p when he was at Brugge.

    There’s definitely something there but Villa fans seem to expect way too much from him and constantly slate him on twitter when he doesn’t score which isn’t good for his profile.

    He should go down as a successful signing but could be quite a turbulent hold (I have enough of them).

    Looks cheap when compared to Haller at £1.64.

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