• Wondering if now is the right time to get on him? 1 goal and an assist today and 2 internationals next week against (possibly) San Marino and Kasakhstan.... He doesnt seem to be dropping in price anymore and just wondered if todays performance is him kicking on? Whats people's thoughts?

  • Yep, finding it hard to understand why he’s static today. Finally returned to form and with a great set of fixtures coming up. I’m primarily investing in players I think will surge for the Euros and Hazard is a logical choice given his current ‘low’ value

  • players above £3 arent really flavour of the month

  • @nicky540 which means now is the best time to too up. They’ll be flavour of the month again soon. As we know, in the second half of the season it’s always the Champs League players that fly... and this will be exaggerated by the Euros

  • Is the fact he got a goal and an assist but only scored something like 130 for PB not a worry?

  • @ChazFI123 yeah slightly, but he came off after 69 mins so not a bad score at all really

  • @SteveP ah makes sense, didn’t realise he had come off! I guess there’s a decent chance he might get subbed off most games though now the fact Isco is back

  • I hope for him to kick on now and start getting more involved with attacks. He's been really peripheral whenever I've seen him play so far.

  • @NewUser434312

    Personally, i think bale is more value. .. half the price and looks like he is a regular now. Some good international fixtures also coming up

  • 230pb last night no goals in 63 mins.
    Against San Marino but this is the kind a performance holders are expecting for Madrid especially against the weaker teams in la Liga.
    When he is 100% and fitting in the Madrid team I’m pretty confident he will win PB plenty this season.

  • @Tom77

    When he's fully fit & firing then gets 90mins throwing in a few G&A's he will smash the new matrix, then only Euros & possible dividend increase to look forward to!

  • Thorgan hazard woooo

  • I have been keeping an eye on him. He has been really trying like he has a point to prove and has been unlucky not to get a goal or assist or more in recent real madrid games.

    It was San Marino but sometimes those games can be a springboard and Real have some favourable games coming up so and with Belgium in the Euros he has to be a fairly safe mid - long term hold and a player with a real chance to win divs.

    Add in the review of dividends and if it rewards players performance on pitch he is likely to be one of the players to benefit from any type of positive div increase in relation to performance.

    I dont think he will drop below £4 unless for injuries and I think he can rise to atleast a pre injury price if 4.50 whilst earning some divs IPD and PB without even thinking about the div announcement will do.

    For my safeish mid term holds I look for 15% return within 1 year after commission as a mix of CA and divs and he clearly fits that with the lead up to Euros.

    The above was my thinking and I got 100 shares in him before San Marino.

  • @Riley's-Liegemen Shame he wasn't on the pitch for the full 90, in a fully firing team he has a big pb threat

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