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  • SEB Haller of West Ham has scored 4 goals in 7 games yet his price continues to drop. Am I simply not getting this site? Any views or advice welcome.

  • No point seeking advice here my friend, everyone here will give bad advice to line their own pockets. Go with the trades you think are best. Down votes incoming because I didn't give you s**t advice to feed the trolls

  • I’m guessing his PB scores haven’t been great so you’d only be holding Haller for IPDs? Not sure though

  • @Deano4dawin thanks but why would it drop ?

  • @ChazFI123 IPDS ?

  • @Deano4dawin That's rich

  • @MUFC please exlain

  • Probably just because the irons aren't a sexy mainstream team mate, I get baffled at the minute by the choices that fly up and those that don't.
    If you own keep hold for the french internationals in next 2 weeks(if picked obviously). If he's long term obviously keep hold
    But see how much he goes down vs your buy in as he may stay around your price and if he continues will rise.🤞

    I hold vardy and Belotti both similar probably wont win striker PB but in and around but good for ipds, and a safe hold. Imo

  • @NewUser435116 tbh with you I’m probably not the best person to explain this, but IPDs (in play dividends) are dividends you get in the first 30 days you own a player so you get (I think) 1p per assist and goal per share you own in the player. Whereas PB (performance buzz) is dividends that your player is eligible for whenever they play (except league cup/ FA cup), you get PB for getting the highest score in your position based on a scoring system. I’m guessing Haller has not been posting great scores for PB so he is quite an expensive price to only be getting 4p in dividends (from IPDs) and those dividends would stop after your first 30 days

  • Hasn't really posted any hugely impressive pb scores this season, and probably doesn't score enough to be a premium ipd player.

  • @NewUser435116 any players value is only dictated by the dividends they are capable of returning. You were questioning whatIPD's are so I'm gonna start from the beginning.

    Historically MB kings have been the top dogs cos its 365 days a year and there arent too many regular winners. Outside of a dozen or so players it takes a special event for somebody to win. Seb haller is unlikely to win much MB.

    If a player is PB friendly and a fairly regular winner of PB they have great value also. In the forward category its those that come deep or are really wingers that have a good chance of regularly winning with a goal. Haller is more of a centre forward, so hes not gonna pass a lot or get crosses in, hes not gonna do an awful lot of dribbling or be responsible for the creation of many 'big chances'. Hes gonna need at least a brace to get near PB most of the time, therefore wins are gonna be rare.

    That only leaves IPD's. These are a penny a goal or assist but are only awarded in the first 30 days u hold a share. Ppl will therefore buy a striker for IPD's, sell them after 30 days and rebuy if they wish in order to keep reaping the dividends. That's fine if a player is 50p or less, it's only costing 1p a share in commission so any IPD striker will be cost effective for this strategy.

    Haller is currently £1.66, therefore in any 30 day period hes gonna have to have a minimum of 3 goal involvement just to break even in the flip.

    In reality, if a striker cant win MB or PB then they are worth no more than £1

  • @NewUser435116 Check out other threads, deano is the worst pumper on here and is slagging the whole forum

  • Another contributing factor is the euro qualifiers and the tournament itself. Haller haven't not been called up for the next two qualifiers and being unlikely to make the main squad will probably drive his price down.

  • @MickTurbo therefore my stock is dangerous, I only have £50 and currently is down 3.60 + sale price so probably £5 is reality +. I obviously didn't understand the strikers must does. Do you think it's worth hanging in there as it's the only share I have that's losing?

  • @MickTurbo thank you , you have opened my eyes. I'm new at this and still learning what makes stocks move. If I'm right in understanding your advice , it's very hard for a lone striker to earn enough because he is rarely on the ball so he has to almost score every game to impact the price.

  • @NewUser435116 basically yes. Look at it like this. If henry or zola were around today theyd probably be class for PB. Somebody like Shearer or Drogba wouldnt be. Theyd get the odd PB win with a hat trick but henry or zola would probs have a good chance with a single goal.

    If your a genuine centre forward your gonna survive on IPD's so Shearer, being absolutely prolific, might have been still worth the £1.66 of haller, but haller ain't no shearer

  • I sold him last night 240 shares on 1.72 - 167 selling price. Just the reason he is not going to be a PB candidate looks too static and he will not play for France or Europa League this season. I bought him at 0.89 so happy with the profit margin. There are better options for the £+1.7 player. As I feel he got inflated after transfer window.

    Pellegrini is also interested getting more strikers to rotate the squad and to be frankly they just look crap yesterday.

  • Firstly, I think Haller is absolutely quality and made Jovic look much better than he actually is.
    I held over Summer and despite moderate increases his price did become static, even though he's made a great start at West Ham.
    The most interesting part of the story is that Hallers people insisted on a sell on clause before he'd sign. Almost as if he was using West Ham to get a move to a bigger Premier League side - no disrespect Hammers fans.

    I did sell at a profit recently, but have kept a marker share and will be keeping a close eye on. Wouldn't be surprised to see a Summer move if he continues the way he is.


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