Daniel Brosinski

  • With a current portfolio of only 15 players...I'm pleased today.
    Having picked up Brosinski at 33p.

    Today was an added bonus for me.

    With a 2p IPD still available he looks like a good purchase...as he's likely to retain penalty duties.

    On 25th of October....A double match day with only 5 games.
    A home game against struggling Koln could see Brosinski pick up a 2nd dividend this month...and no doubt there'll be another spike to reflect his match day performances and future potential.

    Mainz wouldn't be the wrong end of the table if the coach hadn't tried to introduce young signings too quickly.
    In the mid market, JP Boetius is going to hit form in the coming weeks and generate some dividend returns, cheap at 53p.
    Up top JP Mateta may or may not have returned to fitness by the 25th, it's his due return date.

    Big rivals on the night will be Cazorla and the Spanish canaries, also at home against Alaves (who have a better defense than Koln).

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