Big fish in the pond.

  • @MickTurbo I wish. Think the queue is a few weeks.

  • @LittleFish Wouldn't worry mate, 10p returned in the last 4 days and back in the running again today. Queue shortening, yield still coming, good place to be in surely 👍

  • @MickTurbo Cheers but I'm chilled about it. Luckily my business is surviving during this terrible virus so don't need the money other than getting it out before Order book day. I know I'm going to cry when Poggers gets top spot and I don't get my £55. 😢

  • @LittleFish you will mate. Theres nowt worse. Hes very close to being my most 'not for sale' player. In fact he probably is, just about. Easy to say though when hes on a divs run. I'd of probably said the same about kane a few weeks back

  • @MickTurbo I'm losing money on Kane. I should have listen to the voice in my head replaying one of his boring err interviews. Third time I've bought and sold him. Never get it right with him.

  • Did the same with bruno a few days ago, putting in some serious money old seb!

  • @LittleFish I'm still holding mate, it's really strange that theres been virtually nothing at all in the live rankings a out him for so long. Cannot remember a single story for about 2 weeks. Prior to that he was smashing it. I'm hoping hes gonna cycle back around and justify his being my biggest hold. Sure he will, but it's just a question of when. MB is defo coming in cycles though. Pogbas probably in his second good run since footy stopped, his previous one coincided with Kanes, holding both, I remember if well. Weve seen Sancho put a real good run together, same again CR7 and Ighalo, so I'm hoping Kane can get back amongst it pretty shortly

  • @MickTurbo yeah I agree. Funny how MB moves like that. I just bought them all so I didn't miss out 😄

  • Not such a @LittleFish after all by the sounds of it. I couldn't really hold meaningful numbers of all the top players so I just went big on Pog and Kane. Did hold about 400 Neymar at one point but he went the journey as I started to diversify again. Got a bit of MB from him but was right to sell hi. When I did. I'd like to have held Sancho as well but just too pricey

  • @MickTurbo my cautious and pessimistic nature helped me this time as I sold most of my none MB players before the seriousness of the virus took hold and bought at least 500 of MB favourites. All but Sancho. I've had enough stress with holding Pogba this last year 😀

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