International break

  • Sorry if this has been asked before and I’ve forgotten. Do the internationals count for any dividends this week? I couldn’t see anything in the game rules

  • @NewUser92367 IPDs, Match Day Dividends and Media Buzz.

    They used to be MB only but the Euro qualifiers are eligible for all now. The tournament will be as well (WC 2018 was).

    Not sure if WC2020 qualifiers will be though. That will mean a lot of IPOing.

  • The euro qualifiers count for pb and ipds.

  • So it's great for some of my non pb lg sleeper holds, as they get noticed by traders and they can earn me some divs while I still wait long term move to a pb lg.

    Also good for players that are struggling domestically, being rotated, team off form etc. To again redeem themselves and earn.

    Not so good that there are very few triple media days now.

    Not so good for players not in the euro squads... Africans etc.

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