Interested to know this...

  • How many people here actually adopt a purely short-term strategy so to speak?

    I'm aware that the majority of intelligent traders on here adopt a varied and stylized approach, but if there any out there who trade on a very short-term basis, ie daily or weekly holds, what have you learnt?

    For those who don't, i'd be interested to know your thoughts.

    Reason i ask is because i've been on here for over a year, and have made a considerable amount of money through medium/long-term investment strategies. But i am now thinking of withdrawing my overall deposits, and trading purely with my profit, but in a more risky and active way- also to instill a little more fun.

    Let me know what you guys reckon.


  • i currently hold 96 players. at least 90 of them are all long term. i ride out any dips. i have faith in my knowledge.
    i am not one of these sheep who panic and IS from a little dip.
    i trust the FI product.

  • Yeh, what Bruno said. Im defo in the long term investment camp. Happy to hold.

    Just trust yourself and your picks. Listen to rumours, watch games, go with your hunches and just hold. Short term trading is too risky, and not as fun for me anyway as I dont have enough capital to play around with. (Some) Cap app is inevitable in most cases, and even if there are a few dips, it'll all come good at some point (In most cases anyway!)

  • Still new to this but I hold 40 long term mix of euro players and youth and then each month I spend my monthly £100 on short term player(s) for IPDs; then sell invest the cash topping up my 40 Long term and go again.

  • Long-term. Hold only 2 dedicated IPD players.

  • nice question, iv been thinking about starting a short term account but it isnt really my style. Having to second guess managers and players, and staying a step ahead. Aslo more prone to injuries and players simply being out of favour when they are clearly deserving of a place. Heskey was in the england team for years no matter which idiot manager was in charge

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