Negative Articles giving huge buzz

  • So morata just got about 300 buzz points for a awful penalty miss and some of the most negative headlines you could write??

    I thought the algorithm was supposed to score positive headlines the most. If so, the calculation isn't working. And morata shouldn't get buzz points for awful penalties tbh.

    Anyone else noticed negative Articles getting big buzz points?

  • Totally agree with this. Same story when Trippier got injured the other day. I'm sure there must be some logic as to how headlines are awarded points but it doesn't seem very clear. Perhaps FI should be a bit more transparent here...

  • I've also reported the fact that Pedro was given buzz for an article yesterday on the Rangers manager, and this morning I see that Kyle Walker has buzz points for a story on Spurs' right back Kyle Walker-Peters.

    To be fair, it's all Spurs' fault for lacking imagination in the right back department, but FI need to sort it out, as this could be cost someone a fair amount of money in buzz.

    Hopefully this won't affect Performance Buzz...

  • I've raised a query before after missing out on buzz payments for Lindelof despite him being in 3rd place. Luckily, I was brand new to FI then so only had small investment to feel the market place out.

    Agree they need to work on the media buzz system. I've seen points assigned to Marcelo following a completely unrelated story mentioning someone by the same name.

    Appreciate its difficult to automate positive/negative articles. Maybe all stories should be rated the same and then it becomes 'most stories win'.

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