Withdrawing profits

  • No doubt this is a stupid question but could someone tell me how to withdraw money on here please. I’ve made £20 profit and want to withdraw it to buy more futures but it won’t let me. It says I can’t withdraw more than £10.05. £10 is the amount that I had just deposited on top of the 5p I had in my spending account.

  • @NewUser112186

    Profit is based on the value of your portfolio at buy price you need to sell your shares to market and for them at FI to remove 2% fee or sell instant your shares to get sell price less 2% fees if you sell and want same shares in future you will have to buy them back at the price on that day. The 5p is your cash balance and £10 you added to it has you not yet used it to buy shares with .. hope that helps. But like any market you have to sell your goods before you can take your profit.


  • Ah damn. I’ve been looking at it all wrong. Thanks very much. I understand now. I was thinking I could just withdraw the profit I had made like on a betting site. Not planning on selling any at the moment so will just have to put more money in.

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