Suarez, the IPD dream

  • Why isn’t Luis Suarez the IPD dream, 3 in 4 starts, fed by the magician.
    94p and fairly stable.

  • I've not got too involved in the IPD flipping but for me 5p spread plus commission is quite a lot to clear with IPD . My worry would be having cash tied up whilst he is in the sell queue with no chance of getting dividends outside of IPD.

    Keen to learn if this tactic works though, have found this market moves quickly when you add to the sale queue?

  • Fair points, but compare him to other centre forwards. Plea, Aguero, Vardy....

  • Oh I hear you, they'll have the same issues for me.

    Thinking about it maybe the bigher name players like Suarez may be more likely to market sell because people will buy a name they know, and that'll come at a premium. Might give it a go when Barca have a decent run of games and see what happens, I'm getting sod all divs from my other holds!

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