Is neymar following a sinking ship

  • People's thoughts on neymar, I hold both him and pogba and I think it's looking certain that's hes going to go the same way as pogba, even more so now that MB has opened up. Thoughts?

  • Take a look at the top 30 tonight....all but 2 are down, a bit of a bloodbath.
    Anything £3 and over struggling wether that due to mb or div problems, make your own mind up on that🤔

  • @Gazz127 but I'm saying In general, neymar has been slowly dropping even since he came back. I think the days of him and pog running the index are completly finished

  • @Jamiearsenal93 The index is a mess with little direction and it needs a dividend increase imo.
    People still looking for value but each week that value is harder to spot so maybe we will get to the point that where the likes of your Pogba's etc start to look cheap.
    That time isn't quite yet but this place goes in cycles and it will change at some point.

  • This weekend weve had lloris win by a mile cos of an injury and Luiz win with a goal. Mb is heading the way of PB in terms of being a lottery.

    I dont hold tammy but seeing him lose out after continuing his great goal scoring run with a goal line tech goal, to david Luiz feels akin to having somebody like TAA gallop up the wing whipping crosses in for 90 minutes and posting 290, to be pipped by some absolute nobody centre half who's headed a GWG from a corner against amiens

  • @MickTurbo agree that its strange. I guess the bigger question is why the media have reported more on Luiz than Abraham as well? Or maybe its just the FI allocation of points system? Either way it seems strange for Luiz to score double the points. Both matches at the same time, no single names and Abraham a young (media friendly) English player playing for a bigger (slightly, not meaning to offend anyone) club? Would have expected more stories on Abraham to be honest. Was Luiz's goal special in any way?

  • Neymar has a while before next game, so people seeing him as dead money for a fortnight... People who love paying a spread and commission... Good luck to em though, if they can find a grower in the 14 day gap that covers all that and makes profit enough to sell and get back on him, well played.

    But yeh could also be the death of the kings... Paupers rule these measly divs and odds.

  • @Metropolis I dont know. The only think I can say is that luiz is a bit of a clown and is probably one of the less obvious media friendly players around. Also there are stories about his disagreement with Lampard as well as the goal.

    What I'm getting at is that if it's not luiz or lloris it's very often gonna be somebody else. I think it makes the old MB kings value almost comparable to the very best PB players. Question is will they meet in the middle or are the pogbas and neymar's gonna end up settling around the de bruyne mark

  • @Metropolis i received an interesting email earlier today media n relation to some Pogba Stories that were missed in the week, seems Media outlets need to enter their stories into their RSS feed in order for FI to be able to pick the article up, not to sure what this means to be honest or how this affects things really but imagine if stories are being missed because of this. Thought it was done at FI's end rather than relying on the media outlet.

  • @Metropolis i think veterans of the sport will always attract more media attention than a lot of youngsters especially when they arent doing much different than they do each week. You would maybe expect a bit more for Abraham as hes just had an England call up. Established players are always going to be hard to beat though as papers will always write more about household names than up and comers. This is where i think FI got their judgement of Squad players affecting MB very wrong

  • I really wouldn’t like to forecast where it’ll end for the mb holds. Luckily I’ve never bought solely for media, I’ve tried to buy future pb and mb hybrids or just for pb. It’s barely worth factoring in mb now outside of the summer transfer window imo, 2p for one media place isn’t going to cut it with every player eligible. But that’s what FI want.

  • You've now also got to change your approach somewhat if you were a trader who bought players on the strength of potential transfer rumours.

    Unless it's a rumour of a player going from non-pb to pb league, there is little upside to buying these "rumours" because the chance of MB is getting slimmer and slimmer all the time.

    FI has changed too much too fast.

  • how long since the last dividend announcement? and increase?
    The increase was only 1.3x so surely this will be coming again soon.

    Also pogba and neymar winning every other day was a joke to be fair

  • @MickTurbo and we thought Mb wouldn’t change a lot...

  • Sold down the river @Collymore10 . Who knows, long term it might be of benefit.

  • @MickTurbo pure lottery for Mb and pb now

  • I’d say all the reporters just go to the earlier game and it’s gets posted quicker,Saturday early kick offs always score high, IMO it’s good they opened it up get some value mb holds why not, when they up the divs the big guns will rise again just be clever till then we all know how it is if you don’t move your money around you get caught out

  • Neymar is worth more than Pog If you ask me. He gets PB and MB in a foreign league and is a media darling. Even with the changes to MB I think he still represents value. If he drops below 7 quid I’ll be topping up.
    I expect Pog will recover too when the MB start flowing as we approach January transfer spaculation madness but for me he’s not worth as much as Neymar. I hold both btw.

  • @Collymore10 with MB now following PB as a pure lottery what are we playing for? Hoping for CA in players who are unlikely to win anything? IPD's where you might just as well put £20 on 10 corners or more?
    Not what I signed up for. I've sold everything that was in profit and taken £14k out since the end of the 10%. I've £6k left mostly in Pogba and Neymar. When the hit is less painful they will be gone or if they drift much further. I'm owed £600 on the 19th that will cover those losses.
    I joined in Feb hoping for a modest 10% return on my money. I geared up for divs and that's been fucked by FI now so 'when the fun stops stop'. Despite the IS ing of what I hadn't sold to market today after seeing some 49p player winning MB for scoring a goal, I should clear £3k for the 7 months which I'm happy with and whatever I can get back from Neymar and Pogba.
    It's gambling someone wins someone loses. Who did I take the £3k off? I'm making sure it ain't me in the future.

  • @LittleFish CA looks like

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