Best young Wing-Backs under £1?

  • Any tips?

  • My best is probably Pavard, bayern and France, long top career ahead.

    My most hopeful for big %cap app is Zaldua... Dirt cheap for any lucky div wins, and Sociedad having a great start to season, could end up in Europe which will boost all their players. He also seems the type that average prem clubs will be in for.

  • I have held Vinagre and Castagne for a while for a decent profit.

    Both down from their peak price but i still feel they have a lot to offer increase wise.

  • Miguel Trauco at Etienne played very well vs Lyon yday. Results should pick up there now with new manager. Attacking full-back that has already played LW this season, he looks value.

  • Yann Valery, 81p if Southampton can't get out of trouble he strikes me as someone a PL club might look at

  • Lazaro is rising a bit, maybe Austria games coming up

    I’m not actually sure where he will end up playing but seems to be a wingback/midfielder.

    He’s a very good player though which always helps.

  • @ChazFI123 As a Saints fan, it's only a matter of time before he's off.

  • @Jimi182 from what I've seen (admittedly very little) he's not too solid defensively but most full backs aren't now a days, just look at Trent

  • @ChazFI123 very decent going forward, only started playing less than a season ago and has two goals and a couple of assists (one very good one yesterday). Far better than Cedric imo. In a good side he'd do well, far better than our sorry lot!

  • @NewUser434312 it's a slight pump but William at Wolfsburg, has been playing well and posting pretty respectable PB scores even without goals or an assist. Think he assisted in Europa and picked up a nice score of 180ish (if I remember rightly)

  • Another one is Diogo Dalot 79p, not convinced his future will be at United but there's 100% a good player in him, often beats the man and puts a decent cross in but there's nobody in the box ever. He suffers massively from United not having a number 9

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