Shameless Pump

  • As mentioned on another thread I thought it warranted a thread of its own, Neymar is the best value player on the index. All the new money for the £1-£3 bracket look at what you could get. Yes I am old money talking but Neymar is cheap. When he plays he is the king, FI is about dividends, MB maybe harder to come by, no worries for Neymar, look at the last 5 games, 0_1570423718458_Screenshot (11).png Mason Greenwood anyone @£4.35, not for me.

  • No Euros next summer though. Lots already structuring their ports with one eye on next summer. He will inevitably dip big before then, as even transfer spec may not generate many MB divs.

  • Bringing this back to the top, Long live the king!

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