Faroa Islands v Romania

  • Faroa Islands goal differemce -17

    Safe to say Hagi and the boys will have a field day. . .

    Also possibly Coman could get a start or off the bench to announce himself on the scene too.

    Good long term holds those two and maybe some other romanian players for IDPs?? Who could they be

  • @Zola25 .. Hagi taken a bit of a hit this morning, but I wonder if its going into Coman? They are for sure a dark horse team, my only concern is they then face Norway, Sweden and Spain, Spain will win the group, so its not going to be an easy 2nd place, Norway and Sweden both have equally stable teams with bright youngsters.. but in terms of value for money the Romanians are a reasonably safe bet in my opinion..

  • @Ole-ole

    Very true. However, hagi and coman are definitely safe holds as i like many think both have bright futures and i see internationals as just a bonus.

  • @Zola25 .. absolutely agree 100%..

  • Dennis Man 65p should also see some gametime, played and scored in their last match if I remember

  • Totally agree and for all the doom and gloom on the forum, I picked up Hagi on 25/09, and despite a decrease today, he is 36p up for me in that time.

    4 more days until I am back in the country and can trade again, I'll be putting some new money in and doing a bit of a rejig too. Gonna give Timmy Chestnuts some love!

  • @NewUser434312

    Not picked for national team.so.i'd rather wait and see whereas coman is picked and should get game time too.

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