Time to invest

  • I feel whoever invests now in players that have dropped most over past few days will make big profits. ..if i had sold i would defo have invested. .. the same players will have significant rises! Lets see.. .

  • I don't think we will see any mass rises until a PB increase is put in place.

  • It needs a dividends increase.

    Which isn't coming till the summer at best. Adapt or leave.

    It may seem harsh, but it's that simple.

    Once those selling have gone, we can get on with the game. 👍

    Hold or fold.

  • @Squire1905

    They will graduallybrise with or wothout MB imo especially players between £1.50 to £3. However players £4+ i dont see huge rises and that can be due to dividends as u suggest. So i would be imvesting in good players between those prices as stated.

  • @Ericali said in Time to invest:

    Hold or fold.

    Harsh but fair, many early adopters have made massive profits from the old dividend structure & it will be harder to replicate into the future under the new structure but there will still be plenty of profits to be made but just not quite so easily. Dividend increase is inevitable to drive future growth but probably 6 months away, maybe announced or teased a bit earlier but patience, as so often on FI, will reward those who chose to stay IMHO.

  • We may have to take 2 steps back before we go forward again but I'm ok with that.

    New investors will come in to replace those who leave.

    The negativity will disperse with those who choose to go.

  • For me since joining early this year there’s been dips but way more highs! Yeah I’m a little upset with MB opening up to the whole market and divs not being increased but what I will say is I believe in this product! If you believe in the product there is no need to question it, just around the corner there is another high waiting for us!

  • It’s nice to see a positive thread these days. I certainly won’t be investing any more for the time being but I hardly think it’s panic stations.

    When all is well everybody talks about being “long term investors” and then pull out with a few weeks of red.

    No doubt the market has changed, but I also don’t doubt FI are looking at the discontent very seriously, and I do think they’ll pull something out soon. Whether that’s just news of a future div increase or something more substantial I’m not sure, but they simply won’t allow their socials to be clogged up with negativity for too long, as they’ll fully understand how damaging that’ll be.

    As @Ericali said, hold or fold - I’m holding. It might be time for a slightly different strategy, but a time to calmly reassess, rather than lose your marbles and IS the lot.

  • @Ericali said in Time to invest:

    The negativity will disperse with those who choose to go.

    Hope so! It's really getting boring now having every other thread about the downturn. Especially all these "treating it like a real stock market, long term investor" types who are selling up on the first sustained dip.

  • @Ericali why you think that?, the last increase was mid season

  • @BeanDrown Exactly. We have had it so good. People need to realise it is not a divine right for one to win. The product is a strong one and will keep improving which is something that normal gambling methods are restricted to.

  • @kaka8 said in Time to invest:

    @Ericali why you think that?, the last increase was mid season

    All the evidence points to it not being anytime soon.

    When was the last one? April/May? It's barely been 6 months.

    Adam Cole said there are no plans to increase dividends for the foreseeable future, Mike Bolan came out & said virtually the same thing a week or so ago.

    It stands to reason this season is going to be "as you were".

    At the end of the season with the Euro's on the horizon, it could be a good time to offer a new incentive or ahead of the next PL season.

    Until then, we need to get used to this market.

  • @Ericali
    excellent points. iv no more questions

  • i wasnt around last October, but i've heard that it was a slow month anyways. Think people are being over dramatic and even without any bonus etc the market could have been having a slight correction following the start of the season. It will pick up around Nov pay day.

  • @NewUser383114

    Yeh players slowly rising for internationals... kane .. oyarzabal and haji amongst many. .. after international there will be firther rises when league starts.. its all relatively new with changes and i think therss no need to panic.. .looking fwd to haji and coman in particular for romania

  • @BeanDrown said in Time to invest: -I also don’t doubt FI are looking at the discontent very seriously, and I do think they’ll pull something out soon.

    ☝️This happened quicker than I expected 🚀

  • @BeanDrown

    Glaf i didnt sell... but if i had kore to invest wpuld have smashed it!

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