The best thing that could have happened ... 🤷‍♂️

  • I'm sat in that dinghy across the North Sea. My port went up by about £500 last week. Its gone down by nearly £500 this week. I haven't sold anyone and I'm not going to. See where we are in a couple of weeks.

  • @Timothee-Atouba said in The best thing that could have happened ... 🤷‍♂️:

    @Ericali I’m just quoting them, not taking it at face value.
    I said on another thread earlier that the only reason not to announce one under the current market conditions is if they can’t afford it.
    I was subsequently shot down by evidence of Nottingham Forest sponsorship and football ground hoardings.
    Don’t accuse me of being naive, thanks :)

    Well from your first statement when you was quoting them, you seemed to believe everything they said - when you are probably closer to the truth with what you suggested on the other thread.

  • @Ericali

    Very interesting but I'm pretty sure (no inside info) that they are earning far more revenue now but as you point out also spending/investing far more - Nasdaq technology, new website, massive advertising drive, developing order books etc. In fact the latest equity raising round on Seedrs, raising just over £2.8m, was specifically ear marked to finance these activities, presumably to ease pressure on cashflow.

    So it may well be that short term profitability is indeed lower but if this is for longer term investment then that is a good thing from a shareholders point of view.

  • @NewUser159387 Of course it is. 👍

    You have to speculate to accumulate right?

    I just don't want them gambling with the platform's future because a few traders are throwing their dummies out the pram.

  • Whilst obviously a div increase will be good for the big boys are we just being a little salty about it (including myself). If you look at the previous days winners the players earning MB wins are now in reflection more to performances which technically is how it should be. Your Pogbas (I hold) and Neymars (I dont) will still win divs a plenty plus others but the ones that have won it so for have probably deserved to in a sense. The three winning as I speak are 3 top 200 players so are we not just giving this enough time 💁‍♂️ and FI can probably argue today shows this alone. I would like 3 media days to be open daily and if they did that or a div increase, great but looking at it today have we just overreacted abit?

  • @Ericali

    I wouldn't worry about FI's finances, they are on a major winner with this.

    All of our money is earning them significant interest, meanwhile they take commission from every transaction and it's worth remembering that every bet will eventually fade to zero. No matter how good player x is... he will get old... he will retire and die. It's a damn gold mine this thing for FI

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    @johnboywalker have you de-risked at all? You sounded like you were heading in that direction

    I de-risked a while back and only play with profit.

    That was a personal decision I took, that wasn't based on the current state of the platform or its future direction.

    In a previous life on Bet365, I acknowledged personality traits and behaviours that were verging on me becoming a problem gambler and I stopped the rollercoaster before I lost control.

    Then I found the index ... I knew if I was going to invest in the platform, I needed to have an exit strategy. A safety net, to prevent my often compulsive behaviours becoming problematic.

    This is why I de-risked.

    I'm not saying I'd be happy to lose it all. Far from it. I want my profit to make me more, but I won't be dead and buried if this investment doesnt work out. Only risk what you can afford to lose.

    At present, I feel I can look at the index objectively, without emotion or fear. I know I am in a fortunate position.

    Ultimately, we are all in the same boat (or dinghy 🤣). Our fates are aligned. If the Football Index thrives, we all do.

  • As someone who has often fished in the north sea the last thing you’d want to do is cross it in a dinghy no matter what was on the other side 😂

    However I do like the analogy

  • @Dan-The-Man said in The best thing that could have happened ... 🤷‍♂️:


    I wouldn't worry about FI's finances, they are on a major winner with this.

    Oh, but I do @Dan-The-Man 😁

    Looking out for all our money here rather than the short-sighted Gordon Gekko's and the "greed is good" culture.

  • Got to agree with @Ericali
    Football Index has invested their profits in making this product better and not only better but securing its future not just for the platform but for us to! Imagine losing our whole port value! I’d sooner lose 5% of my port than 100% of it! Let’s give FI a break, I’m sure they have some exciting news coming very soon! FI is a machine and to run a machine it doesn’t come cheap!

  • @CJ0101 said in The best thing that could have happened ... 🤷‍♂️:

    As someone who has often fished in the north sea the last thing you’d want to do is cross it in a dinghy no matter what was on the other side 😂

    However I do like the analogy

    Mate, I'd cross the North Sea on an inflatable shark lilo ...


  • In situations like this, fraught with worry and fear I ask myself “What would Rod Hull do?”. Invariably I find myself face down in the garden with a ladder on top of myself but it does lend a certain perspective to the situation.

    I then channel my inner Keith Harris. Now all together “I wish Pogba could fly, right up to the sky but he can’t...he can! HE FUCKING CANT!

  • @johnboywalker well no good just looking, if you can't taste the fruits 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • @Ericali Well paying out a few hundred total in MB dividends when LLoris/Luiz won MB this weekend instead of around 10k each for the next closest top 200 players in Salah/Abraham is the most recent change in them making more money, the 7% stat was obviously shite.

    There's the biggest spreads/instant sells ever, I don't mind FI making more money on spreads too much even if it has hurt some of my squad player instant sells, I appreciate FI have to make their money too and people instant selling what should be long term holds if they start on the bench/don't score etc deserve punishing.

    Then there's expensive IPO's, IPO's used to be 20p or less but now they're all 60p or more. I appreciate the low IPO's couldn't last forever but they're making more money than ever on these with the extra commission, they pay out very little in dividends and worsen the odds of players with more invested etc.

    If they're not making more money than ever then I'd be very surprised.

  • I think just the mention of a div increase in the future even if it comes next season, I think this would be enough to give people here the confidence that is seriously lacking at the moment.
    If this was the case I for one will not be going anywhere. Just please no more deposit bonuses they don't work and are artificial and people are now seeing through their motives.

  • Whilst it is short term pain, I don't mind the fact a wider variety of players can now will MB. About 80% of the Index operates almost as Ponzi scheme as they are unlikely to ever win MB or PB, so giving tangible value to them is a positive move. And to be honest, I feel most of the saltiness is coming from older traders whose old strategy isn't quite working by sitting on a couple of big hitters where they have solid cap ap as well as dividends.

    Personally, I would happily remove MB altogether and bring in a variety of ways that players can receive dividends on the pitch. For example, if your players hits x league goals in a season and you hold for all of those goals,. There are a variety of creative and exciting ways I have seen suggested on this forum that can cater for long and short term traders.

    That said, a dividend increase is needed soon to keep giving value to more players. The market has doubled since last increase so no reason I can see why that couldn't be done, unless they are waiting to do a significant increase rather than a minor one. My worry is they are going to wring the current structure for every penny. Which is not great timing given they have put so much into marketing and people are joining a market that has been fairly stagnant for close to 2 months (not including DB as that papered the cracks).

  • Football Index would probably argue they have increased dividends twice this year already which strictly speaking they have, once permanently (at the share split) and once temporarily (summer boost).

    Unfortunately for owners of Neymar, Pogba and co, I think FI will be pleased to an extent that they have stifled the growth of the top players - not just because of lower dividend payments for FI but also because if their prices go spiralling up to twenty pounds plus again, another share split is problematic for them. Within the current dividend structure they can't divide by three (or four) again because the headline dividend figures would be so tiny. Dividends would probably have to at least double in the meantime to make even a future two-way share split viable.

    If I am right, they have been partially successful in what they set out to do but it has probably gone further than they had envisualized which leaves them in a tricky situation. Personally I still believe in them and think they will find good answers. Even being a successful business doesn't come without problems for its owners.

  • On a more positive note Sylvinho has finally been relieved of his duties from Lyon, best bit of news I’ve had all day 😊

  • @Boris999 Was the Summer Media Boost really an increase? There were no treble match days which are 19p a day. And in a normal season you get minimum 1 of these a week, sometimes more. The Summer Media Boost only increased by 2p a day, so 14p a week. Plus there are no IPD. Like that suggests to me that they came out of that deal reasonably okay?

    What was nice is that it meant dividends were spread more evenly across traders

  • im only 4 months in and i refuse to cash out...
    in that 4 months ive had multiple oppertunitys where i could of cashed out on players ive had 800,1000 & 1400 profit over the past month.
    not once have a put money back into the bank its all sitting on the index ,but im one of those who just wants to see what happens during a season win or lose....2 weeks ago i was at this point where my 7 day loss is at £481 with it being £881 all time...

    shortly after it rose to 1200 so im quietly confident its because not all the big names are in euro qualifiers therefore not needed for the next 2 weeks..they will be back =D

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