• Ironically today is almost 12 months since I joined up....& every morning I’ve excitedly logged in to check my Port

    Well tomorrow there will be no rush

    About 7k taken out today...leaving 1600 (that’s profit) & I’m monitoring for another week

    I was never overly‘greedy’ on here just happy to have the ‘fix’ & top up the wage

    Dunno what is future for the platform....hopefully FI can ignite the flames again

  • @Friedeggs said in Gutted:

    About 7k taken out today...leaving 1600 (that’s profit) & I’m monitoring for another week

    That's over 20% return, not bad, not many other investments return that in a year & are as much fun as FI. Not sure why you're gutted?

  • @NewUser159387 I think he is gutted for the same reason I am. The fun has gone from it.

  • @Chickenman said in Gutted:

    I think he is gutted for the same reason I am. The fun has gone from it.

    Platform behaviour has definitely changed but I rarely follow the crowd (in anything) so my approach hasn't changed much research decent prospects & try to time my buys & sells to coincide with when they are either under or over priced. Don't get them all right but as long as my overall return remains positive then I'm not too interested in daily movements, this is a long term project for me. I've never had so much fun watching out for an 8pm KO Tuesday night result from France or Italy!!

  • @Chickenman me too

  • I'm from a possibly small pool of people but I've never found FI 'fun'. It makes me money so I like it and find it interesting but no more so than any other good spreadsheet. Maybe that detachment makes me feel slightly more relaxed at the moment about how things are going.

  • @Friedeggs are you gutted because you're not getting the enlargement you wished for?!

  • I used to check my port with excitment, confident in the knowledge that I could correct any dips as I'd know the reason why. Something has gone from this and I find myself not as engaged with it as I was say 3-6 months ago. I've stopped putting extra money in and now only play with the money I make from sales and/or dividends.

    A long way from the £200 per month deposits I was making previously. More burning embers and smouldering fire at the minte!

  • I've been around a while now and noticed when things are going great everyones happy.. when things aren't going so great everyones not so happy.... BUT... and there is a BUT.... Things usually turn out alright in the end... and as the great Gary Barlow once said..... "Just have a little patience"

  • @dannypea dont worry...about a thing....coz every little thing is gonna be alright....I say...don't.

  • All I do each night is pray, hoping that my I'll see my port revert to green today (oh yeah)

  • Will.....I ever love you...again

  • Can't believe the negativity around lately, shocking. Everyone needs to seriously have a word with themselves. Prices go up AND down. My port went up by £500 last week and down by £600 this week but overall, thousands up. Come on people, get a grip and stop panicking, we will be alright.

  • 0_1570529157331_Screenshot_20191008_110417.jpg it's turning round already.!

  • @Harmonica Everyone is entitled to their opinion and certainly pull their money out but we live in an era of hysteria. Nothing is going well it is either amazing or rubbish. Yes in a week, my port has dropped 3% and I'm not happy but 3 fucking %. In 6 months I remain 51% in profit. I am not entitled to make money, this is not Willy Wonka land. Seriously have a think about what you have been expecting, deposit some money, click a few buttons, pick up IPD, PB,MB wins, wait 3 months and then post a shiny 100% profit post.... It cannot happen like that or we would all be doing it.

    Flip this the other way, instead of FI being the hungry b*ç%&ds, look at your trading. Was the top end looking over-priced for a few months. Was it bad trading to go after some of these holds? Am I just jumping on Twitter pumps? Am I doing enough of my own research? Have I tried to spot upcoming trends? Maybe this isn't relevant but it certainly is for some people.

    Bottom line is, if people want out then go, I have already recovered .52% from my lowest port value last nights. Seeds of recovery are there. What have I learnt, think smarter with my port. I was too greedy on some holds and should have got out earlier when value was gone. I had a browse today and the market is buzzing with value after some big shifts. Yes FI team need to review this week and see where they are letting the product down but trades need to get a dose or realism too. Just my opinion, everyone welcome to theirs also.

  • @BarbayanBrawler Completely agree with all this.

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