Opportunity Knocks...

  • I'm not a contributing member on the forum really, but I do enjoy reading the threads to get a sense of people's sheer panic or excitement every now and then when there is some movement.

    Is it just me that has seen this as a massive opportunity? Confidence is low, prices are low, people are nervous, what's going to happen? Uncertainty...

    As we all know, this is a gambling platform, but I can't be the only one who's gone in again hoping to take advantage from some of these nervous/safe punters?

    I'm excited for what the short term future holds, but I'll say it. I'm not concerned, the ship will steady, people will want to re invest their money and more. Maybe I have too much confidence in the platform, maybe I'll be made to eat my words...

    The deposit bonus people jumped on to make a quick 10%, this is even bigger...

  • 100%

    I'm just unsure where the opportunity lies. There will be a big change soon, it's just about being ahead of that trend.

  • @216LAC breath of fresh air!

  • @Lukeroro Agreed, although I can't help but feel anyone who decides to invest at this time, will be in a for a nice return somewhere. I don't think its about where to invest right now... it's just having the confidence and ability to do it. The biggest winners out of all this will be the quiet ones, steadily increasing their holds across their portfolio as the exodus continues. I know what my strategy is long term... but you have to adapt to the markets and opportunities, I feel this is a glorious one.

  • @216LAC Great post, in a time of depreciation this is the absolute best time to buy.

    In any investment based market, buy low sell high, not rocket science I know but as a former banker I appreciate that the time to buy is when the market is falling and confidence is low.

    It amazes me all the investors named on the ticker buying when a player is at the top of a spike when the price can only go one way.

    Like you, I will be putting cash in whilst everyone else is selling.

    Glad I'm not alone

  • @Lukeroro said in Opportunity Knocks...:


    I'm just unsure where the opportunity lies. There will be a big change soon, it's just about being ahead of that trend.

    We’ve just had/having non pb and youngsters.
    IPD holds are saturated imo.
    The pb ‘beasts’, older performers will start depreciating before the winter break and won’t truly recover before next summer, as evidenced last season.
    MB is up in the air/low on confidence.
    Surely the only big change is looking ahead to the Euros?

  • @Timothee-Atouba the possibilities are pretty endless - undeniably due to the fact nobody has a clue what's going on!
    I assume there's a dividend increase incoming. Whoever that affects will rocket.
    If FI opens in another country then that country's players will rocket.
    The more expensive players will rise in December because the nobody's from Shakhter who people are chancing on will be knocked out of Europe.
    The next batch of IPOs will be so far overpriced that even the bots won't bother and money won't be moved there.
    GKs and lower priced media magnets will see a rise.

    There are so many options, plenty I cannot currently fathom, then it could be anything.

    You might not be wrong though, I was just brainstorming!!

  • @Lukeroro Haha. That is a storm.
    The one thing that’s certain is that if and when a new country is announced like you say their players will be pumped to kingdom come and then they will experience a rotten start to FI life as they will be getting dumped all over when Verratti or Kroos or whoever it may be are £10!

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