• -21 goals in 26 games.
    -Free transfer in the summer.
    -lots of links to Italy and England
    -If did come back to England the media love him, MB magnet.
    -PB potential.
    -In with a good chance of PB tonight.

    Surely this guy is a steal?

  • @SMacFI - Works for me. Got a small holding and topped up this morning.

    The guy is clearly talented... just a little bit unstable at times!

  • Yeah that was back in the day when he was a 20-22, , I would think he will have calmed down and matured a lot since them days, now at 27 and hitting his peak, you forget how old he actually is, he seems to have been around for ever. You don't seem to hear many headlines of him playing up now a days, seems to have slipped under the radar for what he is doing at Nice. £1 don't buy you much on the index these days certainly not someone that ticks so many boxes.

  • @SMacFI - I had forgotten how young he is!! He seems to have been around forever!

  • @SMacFI
    Great find! Ive just bought in!

    There is plenty of talk about him in the news at the moment so if he reaches the top 200 then I think he could be well placed to win some media dividends.

  • 100%, the media would have a field day, he was the modern day Pogba back in the day for media, the press couldn't leave him alone. Even if a transfer to England don't happen, the hype in the press of the possibility and the rumours that go around in the transfer window will add 30p easy.

  • Balotelli is literally flying!! Up 10p now from this morning and still climbing!!

  • I guess he's no longer operating under the radar , he will be trending when they update the top 5 trending players as well that always adds more interest.

  • Yea Balotelli good PB potential tonight should see a rise of 0.25- 0.30p overall today i feel. Already at 0.18p mind so legs beginning to run out for the short term gain. Long term is interesting with transfer speculation

  • Tonight is only a bonus, if gets PB, He's already got a few before, his price is way below players of his stature that ticks every box, the only box he don't tick is WC and we don't even know if thats even going to be the hype its made out to be. Get in early on the best risers for transfer speculation, as come summer they will have rocketed, and he's guaranteed to move as out of contract.

  • Just bought in on Balotelli. If he moved back to England he would be a MB magnet.

  • There's about 10 different stories showing on google in the last 12hrs alone, if he was in the top 200 he would be well up the live ranking charts if not top, obviously something big brewing.

  • He's scored for nice again tonight going for pb

  • There is the nice little 4p a future Brucie bonus to add to his under value price.

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