The resurrection of Pogba?

  • Sudden crazy green activity..what has happened?

  • If it is a media dividend increase Mr Pogba is looking very undervalued at the moment

  • Finally..did FI take things into account then? Hope so..

  • What price will be be at close of business today?

  • Back to the dizzy heights of 8gbp plus?

  • Guess it depends if they're doing a PB focused increase or MB... I'm jumping on the PB lads like Neymar

  • 🚂🚃💷POG💷🚃🚃🚃

  • All I can is get in pogba while he's still low, if u missed opportunities before, now your chance we all know he's got days of media coming his way.

  • Just topped up The Pog.
    In a dip for solid reasons. Reasons that can be solved.
    Current div rises help him.
    Utd turn of form helps him.
    Future div rises could help him more, e. G. More mb places etc.
    The brave, optimistic will buy the dip and reap the biggest rewards if it goes well. Risk vs reward.
    I sense it's all going to kick off like the Mitchell brothers on tour in a French bar soon for this chap.

  • @Westy You're right, the dips and overall stagnant price are justified. I bought in at £7.47 so am massively in the red but will continue to hold until the Euro's I think. I could get rid and invest the funds and probably make most of the loss back but I don't want to give up on him as it will pain me to sell at over £1.50 less per share.

  • @Westy said in The resurrection of Pogba?:

    The brave, optimistic will buy the dip and reap the biggest rewards if it goes well.

    True but buying at 580p??? you really surprise me, Next stop £5 much more likely than £6 IMHO but good luck you'll need it.

    Far fewer MB chances, more competition for those MB wins, no Mourinho stories, possibly leaving Media darling club as early as Jan, still "injured" so no playing media or PB chances. You clearly see more positives than this comprehensive string of negatives & I'm actually quite a contrarian investor myself usually but this purchase looks like madness!

  • @Westy I’m still holding as from what I’ve seen here is players come out of dips; I’m down 47p currently but...
    The way I see it
    Back fit and plays well MB
    Back fit and plays poorly MB
    Transfer talk MB
    Goes to PSG PB In weaker league and MB
    Goes to Real MB
    Goes to juve PB In weaker league
    Euros MB and PB he is a different player in a french shirt
    FI opens up to more regions MB and CA based on new buyers

    As with Messi and Neymar the UK press will always talk about him.

    Regardless of the naysayers I can’t see a reason not to buy at this low, whilst I accept those that bought high wanted to get out; I’ll never criticise anyone for selling I don’t expect people to criticise those that hold or buy.

  • @Sav2000 agree completely! I have no idea why there’s such a anit Pog regime on fi at moment, he was the king of the index for a long time and there’s no reason why he can’t go back!

  • @NewUser159387 drip feed whilst dipping to get the average lower cost, easier than predicting the bottom.
    It's a gamble... But happy to take it as want a large holding for the summer, not a flip, so 3 yrs time... Who knows. Hes a world mega star.

    Think all the Negatives are out in the open and traders fully aware. What more can happen? Barring death which all holds are under the threat of. Yes may keep dipping as holders clear out slowly. But anything positive and he shoots up.

    Whilst he's been going down, others have risen, the gap is less. Comparing him to others I'm starting to see value coming.

    The plans fi talk of or could have up their sleave should favour the world stars.

  • @FarkeBall-Index sadly there are very good reasons - main one being media opened up, coupled with his MB drying up post-Mourinho.

  • @Hotspur he did alright in the Summer without mourinho

  • @Westy true. Media don't seem as interested in him now though. Could change but a high risk investment.

  • @Hotspur January window🤞🏻
    I don't fear a transfer move now with pb increase. Real would make him the Amc star. Psg he'd walk goals.
    Italy racist mb and again easy goals.
    But the transfer talk is always big on him so mb time jan and summer. France Amc star.

  • @Westy

    Yeah if United got him in for Lingard in that forward positions he's only going to be good for MB and PB.

    Personally i think you can wait a few more weeks to get on him though and use that money elsewhere better atm.

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