Media buzz question over balotelli

  • Balotelli currently sits just outside the top 200.

    There are plenty of stories about him today in the paper but he hasnt't shown up for media dividends as he is outside the top 200.

    His price is rising quickly and he may well be within the top 200 before the end of the day.

    So my question is, does anyone know if the stories from earlier in the day will automatically be added to his media buzz score once he crosses the top 200 threshold? Or will it only count stories after he has entered the top 200?

  • @James he won't be in top 200 today it gets updated at midnight only

  • @Noirx4
    I see! I didn't know that, thank you

  • But plenty more stories to come he is a Media magnet and with being out of contract literally the skys is the limit, with what the media will start printing and rumour mill. Looking through the list of forwards for his price I am really struggling to see why he is still so low, Charlie Austin (1.05) , just to put some perspective on that.

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