Harry kane

  • What are you guys opinion on Kaney. Euros coming up so it's a good investment in regards to setting up a euro portfolio. He's seen a rise today but I can see that rise increasing over the next month while there's speculation over the dividend increase.

    Tottenham are terrible. We can all agree that. And Harry Kane wants trophies. Recently seen some links with Manchester United. Can't see him staying past next summer. And honestly, no matter how much we hate tottenham, they won't stay in this terrible form for long so kane will start getting his goals soon. Also euro qualifiers coming up this week so if he bangs a few goals like he usually does, now could be a good time to invest?

    Let me know

  • He's tanked but has been rising today following the announcement. I've kept hold of him hoping that he takes out his frustration of the Spurs situation by hammering a couple of international teams for England. Still a long-term hold.


  • One of the safest investments barring injury on the platform right now, I could not believe his dip in price over the last week. Still cheap I think.

    Has already won 2 PD this season
    Has also won Media Divs since the season started
    Will win divs almost every international break
    England captain heading into the Euros
    If Poch leaves Spurs then there will be huge speculation around Kane's future
    Come the Euros he is someone every single person will want in their ports.

    My biggest hold, my only regret is not topping up more than I did in the dip.

  • @Nachais Personally I think Kane is a 'no brainer' hold!!! Wish I had more!

  • I have been holding him. Sooner or later people will start moving towards euro 20 players. Last World Cup it started around Jan so if nothing else the likes of Kane and Sterling should be safe holds if keeping them until the euros.

    The England forwards were exempt from my sell off. Lucky them.

    He offers you PB, MB, possible transfer spec and also sentiment value approaching the euros. Not in huge numbers but enough to keep him in my portfolio.

    On the downside he also offers a dodgy ankle.

  • In the next 2 years there could be a possibility that Kane could move on from Spurs if they continue to not win any major trophies.
    Only club I could see him go to is Utd - He won't go to Liverpool or City, they don't need another forward. Won't go to Arsenal or Chelsea due to his connections with Spurs, leaving Utd as the only realistic Premier League team he could go to. If he doesn't go to Utd, it'll be abroad he moves.

  • Banned

    @Nachais To be clear, if he wants trophies and leaves for that, he won't be going to United.

  • I was going to top up on Thursday after today's rise I'll have to wait for the next dip.

  • I've said it before and I'll say it again, he's probably the safest long term permium hold, ticks every box. I see people occasionally say he's a bit injury prone, he's averaged 34 premier league games a season since he broke through.

  • @NewUser215228

    Next dip??? Not gonna be a next one... Only way is up from now 😆

  • Kane is the "Vodafone" of the index. Steady dividends, never going to tank, never going to boom. The one player on the index who is "safe as houses"

  • @PogbaforMB surely in anticipation for the euros he will boom a bit

  • One of the safest holds on the Index.

  • 3rd place MB yesterday?

  • @Snrub said in Harry kane:

    3rd place MB yesterday?

    yes ive read this elsewhere, not been paid yet so nobody really knows, as always, "we know about it and are working on it"

  • @nicky540 got it nowwww

  • What are your thoughts guys, kane starting today and scoring 2?

  • make it 3

  • Not an easy game tonight … Czech's away. Could be looking at a low score draw.

  • @gball1975

    I'm expecting 0-0 too, and then a walk off in the next game!

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