Stick or twist

  • Tielemans currently holding at a 12% loss and Ryan Sessagnon currently holding at a 6.5% both held for quite some time.

    Previous patience that paid off - holding Coutinho and Chiesa through losses now profits of 35% and 24%.

    Previous twitchy trigger finger that cost me - Petagna held 3000 @ 54p for ages got bored of waiting for people to catch up and sold at between 59p-61p now currently 88p. Jonjoe Kenny bought a few hundred at 37p sold at about 45p now currently 76p.

    So, do i just cut my losses and sell or just hold a little while longer. Thoughts appreciated !

  • Tielemans might be worth holding with next years Euros in mind

  • @Kelly18 have you not answered your own question really by giving examples of previous trades........ patience

  • Chiesa probably worth holding due to euros next summer and also transfer speculation as can’t see that quality staying at fiorentina long term. Nearly sold myself a few weeks back but just reminded myself why I bought him and as I’ve already said all them points still count. Don’t know about tielmans as just don’t interest me to be honest

  • I’d keep tielemans also, think he’s an exceptional footballer and has another big move ahead of him possibly after the euros if he shines as I expect he will.
    Sell sessegnon if you’ve got another player lined up who you see profits in. He’s currently out injured and I honestly don’t know where he’s gonna get game time when he’s fit.

  • I did think that but i am a bit sentimental with him as he was one of the first players I bought as he had a really good game when I saw the advert for FI and I joined. I topped up when he was peaking and the last couple of games he has played he hasn't really stood out. @Advinculas-Index

  • Hold... Nearly all my negative holds have turned it around overtime. Some I had to buy more to reduce average cost.
    Too many times, did a deemed no hoper or a slow mover suddenly rise after I had lost patience andsold cheap :
    Jordan (bought back in!)

  • @Kelly18

    I've never had any time for Sess and never held any futures in him.

    As for Tielemens, I think you have a player that is integral to Leicester, and as a result, produces good PB scores.

    There is also the likelihood that he will use Leicester as a stepping stone and eventually move up to an elite club.

    He is first choice for Belgium, which is a massive positive.

    I don't hold him either, but I wouldn't be in a rush to sell him at a loss if I did.

  • Also with recent injuries, market dip etc I'm holding plenty in negative now:
    Dembele o
    Hazard t
    Happily holding on patiently, and today topped up big.

  • @Kelly18

    Tielemans : Looked very good & a PB threat at the end of last year, Leics have still to fully fire yet this season but when they do he could play a big part, along with Maddison & Vardy. He has the Euros to look forward to, albeit in a very competitive Belgium midfield & rumours were Man Utd looked at him to rebuild their own midfield so potential transfer speculation given his age too.

    Ryan Sessegnon : Still to play for Spurs, very young, English & a bright prospect with a rebuilding job looking likely at Spurs he could be a big part.

    I hold both at 65p & 110p respectively but unless they get ridiculous price rises (where it's too good a profit to miss) I intend to hold for another couple of years as they will be far higher priced by then & may pick up some dividends along the way. Both are young enough to still be in their prime & attract bigger clubs should they progress as hoped.

  • @Advinculas-Index Been a frustrating hold for the past say 5 months with little or no CA if your still holding now.
    That said one goal scoring pl game and he will be heading towards £2.

    Thought many a time if I should evaluate wether I keep or sell but yes he should feature in the euros and next year it's all about having those players in your portfolio.

  • @Westy I'm still holding hazard t at a loss but wasn't contemplating selling and Rashford I topped up at when he dipped just have a feeling he can turn his form around. Learnt with the injuries and currently sat at a good profit with RLC hense the reason I was hoping Ryan may prove his worth when fit.

  • @NewUser159387 think ya talked me into keeping both

  • @Kelly18 I hold sessengnon. Think he will be fine. Raved about during his time at Fulham. Left footed, English... Young, lb, wb, lw... Lots of landmarks coming, spurs team, eng squads etc pretty certain he will get some mb and could turn out to be a top player. long term hold. If he plays lw and gets gna, then he'll catch mount, cho etc up.

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