Minimum holding

  • What are peoples opinions on what is the minimum amount of futures worth having in any one player? I generally try to have a minimum 50 as can't see point in owning 5s n10s

  • @Simon-j I'd say there is no minimum "worth having" - it all depends entirely on your budget and strategy. The percentage gains will be the same. Obviously the more you can invest, the more profit you will make on good trades, but someone who can only afford to invest say 100 and turns it into 200 has performed just as well as someone turning 10k into 20k.

  • I suppose it depends on confidence on individual players and also budget. When I started out on the Index a year ago I made a decision to invest 15-20 futures on 10-12 of the big hitters for the media buzz. Personally I think its wise to have a bigger portfolio to gain more chance of hitting PB.
    Having said that as I've put more into the Index I've topped up on several players and for the first time I've brought over 100 futures on Ruben Neves today. A class act at 20, links to Man Utd and I know barring a career threatening injury I won't lose out financially. He'll also be in the Premier next year regardless of a move or not.
    There's so many players under £1 with so much potential and over the next 2-3 years will see a lot of price rises. I try and avoid flipping as much as possible.

  • @BL__FI is spot on, a friend of mine asked me to build him a portfolio about 3 weeks ago, he had £1200 to spend.

    I selected about 50 players for him starting with ONLY 5 each of the big names rising to 20 of the bargain basement guys.

    He tells me he's hardly touched it and it's paid out over £25 in divs and risen to over £125 in capital appreciation. So that's roughly a 12.5% ROI in less than a month! (shave off 2.5% for commission etc but still incredible).

    Granted a large element of that is due to the FOOTIE soaring but either way it shows you can still make good money without buying them in lots of 100! Hope this helps.

  • Just spoke to him, he actually invested it on the 31st Jan so it's 4 weeks not 3 but hey he's a happy man!

  • Just a tip, I managed to get kepa a week or so ago at 38p!!!. I know he's signed a new deal with bilbao but I can see him flying up!

  • @NewUser125668 am not even gona try and spell his last name but aye he's good gk and will end up somewhere else soon... I just don't bother with gk although I saw ederson win mb yesterday

  • @Simon-j agree with not going for keepers but at such a low price and such high potential it would have been silly not to, can easily see him going up to £1+

  • @NewUser125668 I'm intrigued as to why you think he's a good buy?

  • @BL__FI young, very high potential. Was linked with Madrid until he signed a new contract with bilbao but let's be honest in this day in age they don't mean anything!. Only downside might be is he isn't going to be taking de gea's spot anytime soon but he might still make the WC squad

  • @NewUser125668 Fair enough, just bear in mind that in addition to the new contract and the aforementioned fact that keepers are rarely in contention for PB, he will only get MB points for articles where the author includes that tricky last name rather than just saying "Kepa"!

  • @BL__FI very true, I just see him as someone who's going to go up over time, certainly not a short term investment

  • On a night with minimal games you might get lucky if they save a penalty like Ederson did last night but until Keepers get their own Cat I'd avoid them like the plague. (I have bought them a couple of times thinking their own Cat might be just around the corner but keep selling up eventually)

    If and when it does happen I would agree that Kepa would be in the top 3, just a matter of how long you want to keep that money tied up for.

    I might badger FI about it on the 17th but I probably won't get anything out of them and it won't be before August at the very earliest, and whatever you do don't mention keepers on Twitter cos you'll get savaged haha

  • @Agatello yeah I found it odd that they didn't have their own cat to be honest. Just having a look around now and seeing who to pick up next, I was looking at iwobi but to be fair I'm not a fan of him but he still seems to make the arsenal squad game after game. Also considered selling up my salah shares, £5.49 At the moment but I'm not sure weather he'll go up alot more

  • With Liverpool at home vs Newcastle then Porto in the CL (he might get rested for that though) as their next fixtures I wouldn't be selling Salah myself although I don't own any so I'd love everyone to get off the wagon :-) I also wouldn't touch Iwobi for multiple reasons.

  • @Agatello yeah you never know which way it could go with iwobi. To be fair I didn't buy many salah shares but since I have he's rose 54p!. Might even take a look into balde tonight for Monaco

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