Thomas Muller

  • Wants to leave Bayern Munich in January.

    He's still only 30 years old, can play from the RW & is a proven penalty box predator.


    Can we think of any potential suitors? 🤔


  • I can see a Bastian Scweinsteiger moment coming on....

    Destined for failure before moving to the US!!!

  • Please lord no!!

  • This guy seems to have been around for ages, but he only turned 30 on 13th September. 😨

    Just been checking out his career stats too - has played the majority of his games at Bayern on the RW.

    495 games
    186 goals
    171 assists

    Last season he got 45 games (sub & starts) got 9 goals & 16 assists.

    What really stands out is his assists ratio (I didn't know he was an assist king!) even this year, as a bit part player he already has 4 assists....

    Manchester United definitely don't need that sort of creativity from the RW.

    We are too creative as we are! 🤣

  • The original source is Sportbild in Germany, which is as reliable and qualitative as diarrhea 🤷‍♂️

    Needless to say he is unhappy at the moment and rumours will surface as long as that is going on.

    He has a big wage though with 15m and can't really see anyone of the English "top 6" get him, so maybe Italy?

  • Didn't he turn utd down under Moyes? He had his chance.

  • @Jimbob think United offered a ridiculous fee under LVG for him

  • @Ericali

    If Bayern are selling - you don’t want to buy.

    I’ve seen him a handful of times over last few seasons and he’s had it. Nowhere near what he was

  • @ChazFI123 Yeah, that sounds right. If he didn't fancy it then, he won't fancy it now.

  • @Ericali

    Ahhh, so you 'hint hint' in the first post ... then when nobody took the bait, you straight out 'Man Utd' us in the face. 🤣

    I like my pumps to start slow and gentle, like a Marvin Gaye number, followed by a short period of frenetic action and then the inevitable sell off. 😎

  • Müller is done out ere

  • @Chap think his stats are a massive lie, I could play in a team with Lewandowski, Robben, Gnabry etc and get a fair few assists. Especially when you're in the team that wins the league every year- 2 goals in his last 17 games for Germany too!

  • He does seem like he's on a steady decline. The genius thing about Muller at his peak was that he didn't appear to be particularly good at anything, yet he would pop up with crucial goals. Didn't the Germans more or less invent a new description of his position - translating roughly to "space finder" - someone who ho would always fine space in the box at the right time.

    I would bet that if you looked at his YouTube highlight reel most of those goals would look really scrappy as well. He was so quietly effective though.

    If he's not popping up with the goals to the same extent anymore then I'm not really sure what he's good for. Great player in his time and deserves possibly greater recognition outside of Germany for his achievements, but not sure he has much left in the tank these days.

  • Thing is, with his wage only a top club could afford him.

    Utd at one point was being quoted £100m for him. I think now it would be somewhere in the region of £30m.

    Even if he went PSG, at 67p surely he becomes a £1 IPDs player for the flippers.

    I certainly think so.

    Anyway, it won't take too long for journalists to put 2 + 2 together & come up with the Manchester United link & Twitter will go crazy!

    Another 20p will instantly be added to his share price.

    It's easy money.

  • His link up play is good and can finish.
    Can see him doing well somewhere, I’d take him on loan at Utd for a few months.

  • @Wotabeast

    Yeah he’s a ‘off the ball’ player - Doesn’t stop moving, keeps it simple, high energy type but those are often the first to decline.

  • @Tom77

    Already got a version in lingard. He’s not what’s we need

  • perfect to feed the zlatan . . .

  • @Chap said in Thomas Muller:


    Already got a version in lingard. He’s not what’s we need

    No, no..... Lingard has one goal involvement since Boxing Day last year.

    Muller has 4 assists already this season from the bench. 👍

    9 goals last year & 16 assists - and Muller can actually play RW.

    Very, very different proposition than Lingard! 😁

  • well RW is his least favourite really, he prefers to play behind the striker as a hanging thread.

    his current wage is 15m Euro

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