Does anyone else ever win mb?

  • 15 days in and I have seen Pogba or neymar win mb all but 1 or 2 days , am not complainingšŸ˜€ (200 pogbas) is this the general trend or just my timing.

  • @Simon-j just your timing mate, I've seen Coutinho and Sanchez both own it for lengthy periods in the past 6 to 7 months for obvious reasons.

  • @Simon-j even Wilfred zaha won it once haha

  • This post is deleted!

  • I would say this IS the general trend.. 200 players can win MB but really less than 10 will regularly compete for it unless a player is in the news over a transfer (which for 8 months a year they aren't)... Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Kane, Pogba and that's about it are those at the moment that are pretty much nailed on to win 4/5 MB's a week so you can't go wrong with having plenty of futures in them to benefit on a weekly basis.

  • 100%, look at Pogba Yesterday, literally won MB just because of some half baked stories about Victor Lindelƶf. Harry Kane will win quite a bit up until the world cup, but he's a very risky hold at nearly Ā£10, as soon as England get knocked out everyone is going to sell up in a mad panic, so time that wrong and you're taking a big lose and Instant Sell is your only option with a 30p spread that will increase to nearer the Ā£1 spread mark when people start dumping him fast.

    Neymar, now out for the rest of the season, theres only so long they can make that ankle injury last and i think its probably worn out already, is he worth twice as many MBs as Pogba, at twice the price, no chance.

    Ronaldo at 33, if he gets an injury like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, thats him finished and you instantly lose Ā£4 the risk is way to high.

    Messi not a bad option but at Ā£3.25 more than Pogba and winning slightly less MB, ok will win more PB.

    Eden Hazard at Ā£6 doesn't win nearly as many MB, good at PB, but if leaves premier league his value will drop loads.

    The Value is in Pogba, people have been waiting for him to bottom out which he has after his Ā£6 spike and he is now on the way back up, a lot of the cash people are selling Neymar for (and the cash people traded out of Pogba at Ā£6 plus profit) will come flooding back into Pogba again very soon, when you can buy 2 shares for one Neymar, with the international break just around the corner (meaning no PB for 2 weeks) , the fall out rumours with Jose/transfer rumours ( which i think the press are playing on but will drive up his MB and will keep going now till summer, he is the obvious choice to invest for your MB player, so with all that said, I can see him hitting the Ā£6 barrier again very soon with the upward trend of people panicking they will miss out after he bottomed out, then move up closer to the other big 3 of Messi, Kane and Naymar, so I don't think the Ā£7 barrier is that far away with his immense Media pull alone and also these new countries coming in they will also see him as the cheapest and mosts stable option to invest in too.

  • @SMacFI he's the clear mb winner with 68 wins not sure why people jumped off the train he's as much of a guaranteed mb win as ur gonna get... He's one of few people who will return +35% rio in dividends alone....... I also believe hel
    Join PSG in summer

  • @Simon-j He hasnt been great at PB, probably stunting hus price over the season, but now we're reaching the end of the season where its all about MB, now is his time to really shine, and his price will soon start to reflect that. Your stats only back that up.

  • @SMacFI no pb that's because he's shite lol most overrated player out there doesn't create, doest defend just roams about showing off his hair ha which is why I think hel end up at PSG next year...... Easy league

  • @SMacFI I also work out roi based soaly on mb wins, I looked at pb wins table last night and it's such small chance of winning and just an added bonus

  • Ha yeah, which ironically adds to his MB pulling power, he has a bad game the media are even more on his back, he then has the rare good one and the media talk about him even more, it is like one of them win win situations.

  • Media buzz tends to come in cycles. For a while Diego Costa was the hot property. Then it was Ibra. If there's a drawn out summer transfer saga with SMS or Gareth Bale then they'll mop it up for weeks.

    Pogba is flavour of the month right now but it would be a mistake to assume he's a long term hold. A lot more money can be made buying low, selling high, and waiting for him to dip down again. His historic MB return is heavily skewed by the drawn out transfer from Juve to Man Utd; so unless he does get a move in the summer he won't be on the back pages for months.

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