Why is F.I stillll only UK based ??????

  • Just wondering why this market is stilll UK based only.
    Isn't it a no brainer to get other countries involved in the trading as soon as possible as im sure it would benefit everyone from the top to the bottom. Im sure it would be the next step to make this trading platform reach new heights new moneyyyyy and more interest ....

    What is everyone's thoughts ??

  • @FukUpayMe The short answer - the law on gambling in other countries.

  • Think it's open to Ireland and maybe Canada/New Zealand. Was open to Sweden but that was shut down because FI didn't see it as cost effective to continue paying for permission to market in Sweden.

  • Open to Ireland

  • hmmm they cant even get this running smoothly, let alone another country

  • It’s currently in three other countries: Ireland, Canada and New Zealand. It was also available in Sweden but had to close down Swedish customers accounts because of changes in the law other there. There is the problem, countries have vastly different betting laws and therefore its not always easy for them to operate in other countries and as the vast majority of us on this forum are UK and Ireland based its worth remembering that these two countries have relatively lenient gambling laws (some of the most lenient in the world) compared to the likes of the US for example. Internet gambling is still a relatively new phenomenon and legislation allowing it is still catching up in a lot of nations. FI is a relatively new and small betting company it takes years of expertise and very expensive lawyers to set up in foreign countries however FI have said foreign expansion is on the cards and undoubtably it is something we would all welcome.

  • Interestingly I can not recall ever reading about a trader from NZ or Canada on the forum.

    I believe that I saw someone from NZ on twitter but not too sure.

  • Be good if China got involved.

  • @Feldy

    We would all be millionaires in no time if China got involved, sadly gambling is illegal in China, outside of Macau and Hong Kong which are specially administrated entities. Online gambling is completely illegal in mainland China.

  • First club in Europe should be Italy as the passion for the game, the history and they love a gamble.

  • They will get there eventually.

    When they do, I fully expect a near across the board +10% overnight in anticipation, with the players from that country even higher.

  • @RU99 Would be nice to get an idea of time scale though even if its 2 or 3 years away.

  • I would love to see it happen but won’t be holding my breath.
    From my poker days I witnessed how impossible it is to . Apart from the laws and regulations you also have each country wanting their slice of the pie. If it did happen it could well be ringfenced within each country anyway.
    I hope I’m wrong.

  • If they opened the index up to other countries wouldn't they need to include that countries premier league in PB, to stimulate interest? I would have thought someone in say, Holland or Portugal or Brazil would want to buy players in their home league as well as the internationals.

    Its one of the reasons (along with gambling laws and currency issues) I think most countries will get their own version of the index open to just that country. Or maybe FI will licence the product for other companies to run in different territories. Just can't see there ever being a single, giant, world wide index.

  • @Ralph-Wiggum alternatively, if you lived in a non-PB country where FI opened up you could find yourself on some little stars due a massive upturn in Cap App

  • @Antierror Definitely New Zealander was on this forum I saw. Not sure about Canadian

  • Because boris wont allow FI... deal or nodeal

  • yes, there was a regular Kiwi based poster on IG Slack too, but they're long gone. I know they pulled out of Sweden due to the law change - didn't they have a problem with Canada too?

  • I'm Canadian. No problem

  • Wait Canada is a real country?

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